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A Short Story


Ok, today I will not post about 4Ever Fantastic Friends because…. Well, I just wanna.

Alright let’s begin with my short story. It is called…

How “Innocent” Fairytale Characters Act

Hi there, person. My name is- wait, you don’t need to know that. All you need to know is that I am the narrator of this story/tour.

Today’s tour will be to famous fairytale characters’ homes and see how they acted. Please hop in this time machine.

FIRST STOP: Cinderella’s old house.

Here, you can see Cinderella defying her stepmother’s orders. As a result, she had to do chores. Not because she was mean to her.

“Cinderella, be dear and go down to the store and buy  a clove of garlic. The maid is very sick,” the stepmother called.

“No!” Cinderella spat. “Make the twins get it.”

“Please dear…” the stepmother begged. “The twins are studying.”

“I am too! Look, I’m reading!” Cinderella flung her book across the room.

“Yes, I can see,” her stepmother sighed. “Please don’t throw books.”

Cinderella rolled her eyes. “Please don’t throw books,” she mimicked.


Ok, time to step away before we see any thing PG rated.

NEXT STOP: Belle in the Beast’s castle

Belle is the Beauty in Beauty and the Beast.

This is her character before she becomes a princess. In the Beast’s castle.

Beast: Do join me for dinner…

Belle: NO!

Beast: Why? *almost crying*

Belle: You’re ugly.

Beast: *burst into tears*


See? This is what happens when you are spoiled. Time for our final stop.

LAST STOP: Jack and Jill

Jack went tumbling down the hill. Why? Did he just break his crown? NO.

Jack was murdered by his very own twin sister.

Jill has been very jealous of Jack because he has been always getting attention as he is the eldest and always better at everything.

On the hill, Jack is lowering the bucket into the well. Jill creeps up behind him and slits his throat with a knife. With a yell, Jack drops the bucket, trips over a rock, and rolls down the hill. Jill smiles happily. But what she doesn’t know is that the well is magical and can sense danger. So the bucket flies out and hits her on the head. She K.O’s and rolls down the hill after her brother.

That concludes our tour. Thank you.


So how did you like it?! I thought it was pretty cool! Which is your favourite interpretation of the characters?

Scenery Sign Off


4Ever Fantastic Friends Chapter 3

Woohoo! We’re at chapter 3 now!

Chapter 3

Sky widened her eyes. Then she leaped into the air. “YIPPEE!”

Excitedly, she began dancing.

“What’s wrong with her?” Sea gasped. “On no! She’s possessed! Help!”

“Snap out of it!” Dusk snapped. “She has SM too!”

Dawn breathed a sigh of relief and began jumping up and down. “Yayyyyyyyyyyy! I’m not the only oneeeeeeeeee!”

The two fairies grabbed hands and twirled in a circle.

“Stop it!” Dusk flapped her hands at them very very very fast. “You’re messing up all our books and stuff.”

“Whoa, how are you doing that?” Sea asked.

“What?” Dusk looked at her hands and screamed.

Sky and Dusk stopped moving and stared. Suddenly, Sky hugged her. “YES! You have SM too!”

The three fairies began to hop up and down.

In despair, Sea looked at them. All three of her best friends were now with SM. Would she get it too? Most unlikely. But today was a day of surprises.

Sea picked up a bottle of water and took a large gulp from it. She continued drinking and drinking, as if she could drink forever.

“Sea? Sea? SEA!” Sky shrieked, staring at her best friend. “Stop drinking! No fairy can drink so much! STOP!”

Sea choked and spat water. She continued blowing water until all the water she had drunk was gone.

“Sorry…” she whimpered.

YES!” all her friends cried. “You have SM too! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!”

In deep surprise, Sea was being dragged into her friends who were holding hands and dancing excitedly.


Well?! How was it?! Tell me how much you liked it!

God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb

All Alone in This World (Chapter 10)

       I’m going to be more consisting in this from now on, how does posting a chapter every Sunday sound, good? Well, the story’s sorta dragging, so I’m going to pick it up a bit! Are you bored with it? Because most of my faithful commenters have disappeared. 😉

Chapter 10

    When I got home, I just stared at the fancy decked wall. I, was done. Just, done. But I knew I couldn’t be done, because then, I wouldn’t be keeping my promise to Lilias, dead Lilias.

    I couldn’t stay here residing in luxury. It, was time, to act. I armed myself with a heavy staff, from nature. I was so upset, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that whatever I was doing, I wasn’t staying here.

    I changed out of my mourning clothes, and put on the clothes I had worn first to the orphanage. A grey loose shirt and a pair of nice jeans. I even clipped on a pair of diamond earrings and put on one little delicate chain. It had been my mother’s. Then, I brush my hair loosely braided it. I dressed in deerskin boots, and I decided I was set. I didn’t know when I would return, and I could hardly care. Then, using a ladder, I climbed down from the mansion and crept away. Perhaps never to return.

~ ~

     I was not up to this journey. I was tired, and hungry too. I was so hurt, so angry, I didn’t know what I was doing. Maybe I was going crazy. Then, I spent my first night in the woods. But in the middle of my slumber, I was disturbed by a little, cold, sharp thing next to my throat. My eyes fluttered open. It was…my father.

   How do you like? I hope that you did like it. 😛


All Alone in This World (Chapter 9)

       I’m really sorry for the holdup! But well, here you go:

Chapter 9

       I was in shock; my new father’s home was huge. It was probably six normal sized houses all put together. For one man. I put my hand to my heart. Lilias would have loved this place. The thought of Lilias made me tearful. I had to avenge her. I just had to, or everything, would be lost.

      I had to avenge all my family, all my friends, but I just hoped, that that person wouldn’t get any ideas about me first. I was still sure that whoever he was, he was intentionally killing my kin, and I had to find out two things; who and why.

    I was escorted out of the car and into the house. I was led to a huge room the size of a small house, and five maids appear to help me to undress out of my dusty and bloody silk dress and I dress in a silk bathrobe. I took a bath, and I felt much better.

    Then, they dressed in a black morning gown. The short sleeves were lace. They even adorned me with a white pearl choker necklace and pearl earrings. They put black silk slippers on my feet decked with little pearl diamonds on the toe. I had never felt so extravagant in my life.

     My hair with curled and put up in a bun, dressed with a pearl pin. A veil of black lace covered my face, and I had black gloves. It was a very sober event, as I, in my new array and feeling very strange, exited my room. If it could be called a room.

    A white flower was put in my hand, and we were driven to the funeral, which had been arranged in the three hours that I was dressed up. Surprisingly fast, but after all, my new father was an excessively rich man.

   Somber music played as Lilias’s body was carried in. The minister uttered a sermon, and several people wept. I didn’t, I only looked grim. Then, we scattered the dirt. Then, my tears fell like rain, and made the dirt mud. I placed my rose on her grave and whispered,

      “Goodbye, Lilias, the greatest friend I ever had. I promise, I’ll avenge you.”

     So…how’d you like? Leave a comment below if you liked it!



4Ever Fantastic Friends Chapter 2

Its time for chapter 2! In case you forgot the characters, you can read this! Enjoy!

Chapter 2:

Dawn was in her kitchen. She was trying to cook something, but didn’t have the faintest idea how.

She tried blowing the stove. (Wasn’t that how you started a real fire?)

She tried splashing water on the stove.

She even tried wishing very hard that the stove would somehow burst into flames.

Nothing worked.

Feeling frustrated, Dawn slammed her hand against the stove and fire burst from her hands, lighting up the entire stove.

As she screamed, her mother entered the kitchen and turned off the flames. But it wasn’t even turned on.

“Mother! I need to see a doctor!”

“Now? Why?” Dawn’s mother snapped, irritated that she could not turn out the fire and also because the baby was crying.

Dawn stared at her perfectly fine hands and blinked. She needed to get her friends’ help. They would know what to do. So she ran out the kitchen door and raced towards Sea’s house.


Sky and Dusk were in Sea’s house, doing their homework.

Suddenly, the door to Sea’s bedroom burst open and Dawn plunged in.

You-will-not-believe-what-happened-to-me,” she gasped in one breath.

“What?” Dusk muttered absentmindedly as Sea and Sky threw soft toys at each other.

“Fire burst from my hands!” Dawn shrieked.

“Haha very funny.” Sea rolled her eyes and flung a teddy bear in Sky’s face.

“This is no time for jokes dear Dawnny!” Sky joked. “Get it? It’s like Danny but this time its Dawnny!”

Sea laughed. Dusk grinned.

“I’m serious!” Dawn cried. “You think I would lie about this?”

The others shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Look I’ll show you.” Dawn picked up Sea’s favourite book and it exploded into flames.

“HEY!” Sea yelled. “That’s my book! Stop it!”

Dawn dropped it and Sea grabbed it.

Now do you believe me?” asked Dawn.

“Oh my goodness,” gasped Dusk. She pulled out a thick, blue book from her brown bag and flipped through it.

The rest crowded around her. “Got it!” Dusk exclaimed.

She pointed at a short paragraph on page 237 and read out loud:

“Fairies have magic, but some have extraordinary magic. This extraordinary magic can be any sort; magic that no other fairies have. It is also known as Special Magic, or SM. If any fairy encounters this, they should immediately seek the Head Fairy Godmother.”

“There’s a Head Fairy Godmother?!” Sea gasped.

Dusk nodded. “You’ve got SM, Dawn.”

“Pass me a pencil, Sky,” Dawn ordered.

Dawn was staring out of the window. When she turned back, she sighed. Then she screamed for the second time that day.

“What?” Sky snapped.

Dawn pointed at the space next to Sky.

“What is it?” Sky asked impatiently as everyone turned to stare at her. “Do I look like something you can gawk at? Is this a silly prank? What?! Tell me!”

“P-p-pencil..” Sea stammered.

Sky turned and widened her eyes.

A pencil was floating in mid-air next to her head!


So how did you like it?! I’m slowly gonna reveal their powers, I’m SOOOOOOOOO excited!

Talk to me in the comments!


God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb

4Ever Fantastic Friends Chapter 1

*gasps in delight* Yay! FINALLY! I have been so excited! I couldn’t stop thinking about this! But I just realised I have no idea whatsoever for 4Ever Fantastic Friends’ first chapter… But I’ll just write from the brain. Here goes! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

“Hurry up, Sea!” Sky called. “We’re going to be late! On our first day!”

Sea huffed and puffed and ran up the hill. “I would have been faster if I didn’t have to carry all our stuff!”

Sky rolled her brown eyes. “You offered, and I took the offer. Isn’t that what an offer is?”

Sea grunted. “Mind giving me a hand?”

Sky sighed loudly. “Fine.”

Sea dumped all the books she was carrying into Sky’s open arms. “Ahh, much better.”

Dawn and Dusk came running up the hill. “Come on!!!!! We’re going to be late!” Dusk cried. They dashed away, hair flying in all directions and book bags bumping against their thighs.

The thing they were going to be late for was school. Or more like, the Fairies Academy. Sky, Sea, Dawn and Dusk were young fairies who needed to learn all about wandwork and all the other stuff before they could officially become an Experienced Fairy.

There were 3 stages to being a fairy in the Fairies Academy. The first stage was Young Fairy. These fairies were newbies and had zero idea about any magic. The second stage was Intermediate Fairy. This fairy was already halfway to becoming a real fairy. The final stage was Experienced Fairy. This fairy learned everything they needed to know in the Academy. Outside, they had more to learn.

* * *

Sky and Sea rushed into their classroom, nearly banging into the Fairy Godmother who was the Head of the Academy and was merely briefing the classes and welcoming them back from their holidays.

The Fairy Godmother looked at them with interest. “Good morning, ladies.”

“G-good morning,” Sea stammered. She blushed. (Sea was a giant fan of the Fairy Godmother)

The Fairy Godmother raised her eyebrows. “I see you’re late. Punctuality is an important trait of any fairy, but as you are young, I shall let you off without any punishment. Take a seat.”

Sky and Sea bowed their heads and hurried to their seats.

The Fairy Godmother cleared her throat. “Now, as I was saying, since you are all new here, you will have time to explore once you finish lunch. Alright, I think its time for you to begin your lessons. See you around soon!” She disappeared in a swirl of sparkles.

Sea sighed dreamily. “Isn’t she wonderful?” she asked in a carrying whisper.

Suddenly, the door banged open. A tall and skinny lady walked in. Her wings were brown and looked as sharp as she was. Her graying hair was tied back in a very very tight bun. Her mouth was set in a thin and straight line, causing her to look sour. This was a woman no one wanted to mess with.

She dumped her books and bag on the desk then strode to the desk. “My name is Ms. Kitters,” she announced, as she scribbled on the board with perfect handwriting.

Ms. Kitters, the board read.

She turned to face all the fairies. She scanned their faces with narrow gray eyes. “I would like to make something particularly clear before we begin. Rules are meant to be kept, not broken. If I catch any fairy breaking any rule at all, to the Head she will go. Is that clear?”

Everyone nodded.

“Good,” she walked to her desk and began lecturing.

At lunch, Sky, Sea, Dawn, and Dusk chattered about Ms. Kitters.

“I hate her,” Sea fumed.

“I think she’s beastly,” Dusk said. “All those lines she made poor Lily do during break just because she didn’t know what the first rule in this school is!”

Sea shuddered. “I was terrified every time she looked at me. I think she was a monster before this.”

Dawn nodded. “I think this is going to be a long year ahead of us.”


So how was the first chapter of 4Ever Fantastic Friends? I’m just gonna call it 4FF from now on…

Please read this in order to answer my next few questions! (I forgot to ask these questions last time)

Done reading? Answer these interrogations!

Who is your favourite character? Do you like their names? Try guessing what happens next in the following chapters!

God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb 😀

P.S I feel so excited right now! Say “Oranges are yummy!” if you are excited too!

P.P.S I know I’m weird.

P.P.P.S Thanks for reading till the end!

All Alone in This World Chapter 8

     Yeep! Now my story is actually going to get good! FINALLY. I bet you’re all sighing with relief that it’s actually going to be okay now instead it being so bad.

Chapter 8

       I recalled those gloves. Rather fancy. The hands in those black gloves had pulled the trigger that killed everyone that I ever knew. Now I knew that they were all connected. Then a terrifying thought ran through me. What if was the next target? I shuddered at the thought, but somehow I doubted it. If the person was targeting my family, why had he – or she – killed Lilias? I swallowed at the thought of dead Lilias. How could it be?

      I thought that maybe there were more connections. More connections that would help me find out who the killer was. I was sure by now that whoever the murderer was, the murderer was trying to hurt me. But why? I gritted my teeth. How was I going to solve this? I had no experience with mysteries, I was no detective, it wasn’t like all of a sudden I was going to be genius and discover the murder and get him arrested and be crowned as a hero. No, life didn’t really work that way.

      I racked my brain for more connections, more clues, more anything! I suddenly had a vision of the killer’s person. Tall, slim, and it was a he. My new father was tall and slim. But I knew that he wasn’t the killer because he had no motive. I just knew that he wasn’t the killer. There were many tall and slim men in the world. I just had to find the right one.

        I remembered Lilias’s story about Adrianna. Was she related to any of this? But I had never even seen her! But maybe I had. Maybe, although I didn’t know it now, I really had seen Adrianna once upon a time. Could I have? But that was impossible. Nowhere in my memory was a girl like Adrianna. I was happy with my new clues, but I wouldn’t be satisified until I had the killer behind the bars. Or even better – killed.

       I will never ever write a good story. 😑. I am such a terrible author. Well, I’m going to stop torturing myself, (although I thoroughly deserve it) and I wish to apologize to you for making you go crazy with this junk. Leave a comment below if you despise it. Your Loving Sister in Christ,

comes to you,it's a.png

Sneak Peek of My 1st Story!

Hi Lovely Readers! I’m back!!!!!

And I finally have the names and titles of my main characters and story with me! I’ll be writing a chapter story thingy on Authors Press. I know you guys have been waiting for a long long time so thank you all so much for your patience!

Get ready for some awesomeness!!!

Image result for awesomeness
Image from Google (Please tell me if you can’t see it!)

Here’s a quick sneak peek of my story…

Main Characters:

A group of four best friends who are superheroes! (Isn’t this amazing?!)


Silverash, which is a place I made up. I took the name from here. This place is full of fairies, elves, magical animals, and different (I won’t say weird) people.

Main Idea:

These 4 friends try to lead normal lives in Silverash as fairies but cannot, because they are superheroes! They will find out they are not superheroes in the story. Read the story (which will be coming soon) to find out!

Main Characters:

  • Sky- A tall girl who tries to be friendly. Can be loud at times. Her superpower is controlling things without touching them.
  • Sea- A happy cheerful girl who can be funny without knowing it. Can be real quiet then suddenly burst out with something funny. She can control/summon water.
  • Dawn- A skinny girl who is quiet at first but later on less quiet. She can shoot fire from any part of her body.
  • Dusk- A sarcastic girl (sometimes) who can be fierce whenever she wants. Her superpower is super speed. She can also talk to animals because she studies their language.
  • All these girls have black hair and blackish brownish eyes.

That’s about all I can reveal about the story. Stay tuned till next week for the first chapter of…

4Ever Fantastic Friends!

Yeah, that’s what this whole thing’s called, because these girls are best friends and are fantastic (superpowers).

Till next time!

God Bless You!

~ Penelope Crumb 😀


An (Interesting) Essay

Hi there! Today, I will be posting an essay which I wrote for my studies. I hope you enjoy it!! (Comment down below about the essay if you wish)

Penrod Book Report

Penrod is a book by Booth Tarkington. This book was a little difficult to read as it was old English, but I managed it somehow. Lots of spectacular and different things occur in this book, some of which are impossible to do in real life. Although he is a playful boy, his behavior usually gets out of hand.

One day in school, Penrod is daydreaming, when suddenly he flies out of the window. The teacher and all the students run out to see him. Flying here and there, Penrod enjoys the fun then returns back to school. He shows disrespect to the teacher when she calls him to go down. This is only one of the many troubles he caused.

Another time, he is having a haircut. The barber calls him a “little gentleman,” which Penrod dislikes. As he is heading home, somehow people started to address him as “little gentleman.” Penrod yells at them to stop, claiming he is not a “little gentleman.” But people just continue calling him so. In the end, he throws a fit and his father scolds him. Penrod plunges into a nasty temper.

On his birthday, Penrod invites his friends. They dance and play games at the party; Penrod just cannot stop dancing with one particular girl, which makes another girl jealous. This results in a fight and embarrasses Penrod’s parents greatly. But he doesn’t care.

Penrod is a very naughty boy who is full of ideas. The book captures his characters very well. It is descriptive even though it is a little hard to read. Having to be a good boy is difficult for any child, much less Penrod who is rather active.


I think I ended it a little too abrupt but.. that’s me. Thanks for reading! See ya!!!

God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb 😀

All Alone in This World

       Hey guys! Welcome back to…(drumroll)

Chapter 7

         “What happened?” cried Mr. Robertstad, bending over Lilias’s bleeding body.

          I was at loss for words. A choking feeling that was rising from my heart and making it’s way to my throat prevented my speech. I coughed, but it did no good. The lump that was in my throat grew bigger and bigger. I wanted to cry so much, but I couldn’t. No tears would squeeze out, no matter how hard I tried.

           At last we drove off. Lilias’s body was still there. We were bringing her back and we were going to give her a proper burial. I was still shocked. Memories were whizzing through my head. My mother, my father, my aunt, Lilias. Memories of them flashed in my eyes. Death. I saw them die, one by one. I closed my eyes, but the memories kept on going.

        I took a deep shuddery breath, forcing the memories to stop. But one raging thought kept on pounding in my mind. I would find out who had done this to my family and my friends. I would find out, and I wouldn’t let them get away with this murder.

I started with my parents and I thought. Shot. My mother and father had been shot when I had my second birthday. It was a pistol, and then I moved on to Aunt Danielle. She too was shot, with a bullet that was identified as one from a pistol. Lilias was also shot by a pistol. I began to think. They were all shot with the same weapon, was that a connection?

I knew that many people used pistols, but I couldn’t shake the feeling off that there was a connection. As I thought about the connection, I suddenly thought of another. Black. Silk. Gloves.