Short Story

Enjoy this little story I wrote a little bit ago!

A scream. Darkness. Then, cold, hard fear had it’s long spindly fingers wrapped around me. I shivered at the eerie touch of utter fear. Then, a hand, real, physical, but just as cold, grabbed my arm, covered my mouth, and shoved me into a box. I did not know it, but all the other kids at the finishing school had been abducted too.

The box opens after a long journey. The sudden light blinds me, and I can’t see who is above me. Slowly, as my eyes adjust to the glare of millions of lightbulbs, I am yanked roughly up. I know that this person is young, because their grip is uncertain and loose. When I try to yank away, though, the grip becomes unbreakable. The young attacker leads me to another room. My eyes start to make out the features of a young boy, not much older than me. He has hair that looks like he runs his fingers through it. Alot. He has cobalt black eyes that stare straight ahead. He walks with an air of uncertainty, like a mouse trying to creep out of a hole without being caught by the cat.

I am broken away from my reverie as the boy pushes me into a chair. He binds me with tight ropes. He then leaves the room.

The lights flicker. A fly buzzes. I sit in hard, low chair. Then comes a noise. The click of high heels. A woman is approaching. The door is slammed open. A woman with sleek black hair and blood red lips walks into the room, her extremely tall high heels clicking. She has an air of confidence, night and day when compared to the boy’s uncertainty.

“Adeline M. Cannon, welcome,” she says. I’m surprised to hear her voice, which is kind and sweet, but sophisticated nonetheless. Nothing like her demeanor. She gives a smile that seems genuine, but I don’t believe her. “Welcome to my school, Madame Silvers’ Select Seminary,” she says.

“Select seminary?” the words come out of my mouth before I can stop them. “Why am I here? I don’t nee–!”

“Darling,” the woman says, her voice dripping with honey sweetness. “You are one of the few I have chosen to sponsor! You are very fortunate, indeed! I have been watching you, and you seem very intelligent. Someone I would like to teach. So I brought you and a few of your little friends here to learn.”

I’m confused. I am definitely not finishing school material.

“Please, let Lavinia take you to your private room. Classes will begin tommorow promptly at nine. Don’t be late!” the woman waggles her fingers and walks out of the room. Moments later a woman, Lavinia, I’m guessing, unties me-why exactly did they kidnap and tie me up? They could easily have just taken me quietly. Something seems strange, but I don’t have time to contemplate it all. I am rushed to a room filled with lavish furniture and a crackling fire. It seems like heaven.

Five days later…

I have fallen into a routine. Every morning I wake up, eat breakfast, dress, and have a day full of classes. The other ladies here are very kind and welcoming. Something, though, still seems off.

It is Tuesday when it happens. I am walking, alone, back to my room, in the evening. The boy with sandy blonde hair runs up to me, “Miss! Miss!,” he whispers, catching up and walking beside me. “You’ve got to leave! It’s all a trick! She’s brainwashing you all!”

Again, I am confused, “What are you talking about? Brainwashing? You mean Madame Silvers?” I inquire.

“Yes! That’s why she make you be bind up when you come, Miss!” the boys whispers are frantic now, “She is making you into an army. It sounds really crazy, but you have got to believe me. I overheard her talking about it!” Maybe it’s something in his eyes. Maybe it’s the fear in his voice. I don’t exactly know how, but I know that he’s telling the truth.

“I believe you,” I say, shocking him. “How do we get out of here?” I ask.

Did you like it?


(haven’t posted, eep) President’s Day Poetry

I am super sorry for not posting!! I feel really bad, so big thanks to all those who did ❤!

Happy President’s Day

El Dia de Presidente! That’s President’s Day in Español! Which is Spanish, guys!

Waving flag,


Govern with strength,




This nation needs someone,

And that someone is you!


The Ransom-Part Four

Chapter Four-Mel

     What the heck just happened. I wonder what’s next, huddled in a shack I’ve concocted of shrapnel. 

     I look at the letters I’ve drawn on my hand: Mel. I’m ADD (attention defecit disorder) and art is pretty much everything. I don’t get distracted doing art. Mel’s my name. Well, Mellanin, actually, but what kind of parent names their kid Mellanin. I couldn’t answer that; My parents died when I was three. I never  was able to ask. 

     A see three pairs of feet run past me. Then another pair. Then a burning piece of who-knows-what lands about two feet from my face. I scramble from my hiding place. All of the prisoners are lined up near the hospital. I run towards them. Just as I begin to run, something flies towards me. Sparks fly around me. This is a battlefield, and I’m in the middle of it. I’m about 10 yards away from the line of people. Then an aircraft, flying high above, starts to descend. Faster and faster. I push my feet into the ground, and push even harder off it. Running as fast as I can, excelling myself towards safety. Then the ship lands, flaming, sparks flying, a mere ten feet away. I don’t look back. I run like it’s life and death. And it is. I blink.


        When I open my eyes, I’m in a quiet, medicine-smelling room. I inhale and cough. My eyes water and a doctor turns around. 

  “Finally up! Good, I can take a look at you,” he gives me a smile worthy of Gotham City, and advances.

  “No, thanks,” I scramble away. I am not ready to be probed and picked.

  “I’m not going to hurt you.”

  “Please,” I think. I start thinking of crazy things. One of the parts of ADD.

  “Come on, Melanie,” he thinks my name is a typo. That I’m Melanie. I wish.

  “It’s Mellanin. Like melatonin, the sleeping stuff your body makes? You’re supposed to be a doctor, right?”

  “Oh, sorry, um, yeah,” the doctor scratches the back of his head, embarrassed.

  “Where can I get food?” I know I’m being really rude, but seriously. I haven’t eaten for a whole day. That’s a lot for me.

  “Um, down the hall, to the left,” the doctor says.

     I stand up and feel nothing. No pain. Take that, burning ship that almost killed me. I walk down the hall and into a nearly empty cafeteria. At one table sits a blonde boy, a black haired girl, and another brown haired boy, and a girl with long blonde hair. The girl with the blonde hair waves me over.

  “I’m Riley. Wanna get out of here?” She says, like she’s asking where the bathroom is. 

I nod.


The Ransom Character Guide…and Surprise

I’ve come through with my promise!! I am making a character guide. So far there’s only four…right?

Riley was originally going to be the main character… protagonist, if you will…but I decided I wanted to just get more into (haha  my grammar) the lives of the characters. 

I think of Riley as the most laid back. She’s pretty but hasn’t hit her growth spurt, but she’s got brains and uses them. She’s also the proud owner of a sense of humor.

Of coirse, only the cover picture worked for Zielle. It’s not like I’m playing favorites here but I love Zielle’s aura or whatever.

     She’s tall, beautiful and fast. And she’s smart. Pretty much perfect? Almost…she can hold a grudge and is very headstrong.

okay, I’m sorry, but this was the best picture, and the hair matched. But the face. DISGUSTING!! Sorry male model guy but smile. THIS IS NOT PROPER PORTRAYAL ROMEOS FACE IS NOT FAT AND UGLY!!!!
HEMM, anyway, Romeo hasn’t a don’t stop attitude. Unfortunately, this means he doesn’t stop trying to woo (ugh I hate that word) Zielle. He’s strong but not fast and spends a bit too much time in front of the mirror. He’s also very flirty and a Playboy.

Woah. Umm….hehe. 

*Stares* 😍😍😍🌟🌟🌟🌟💫💫💫💫💫💫💫

Heemm. Merik is kind of my favorite. Hes cokcy, cool, and athletic. Kind of like Romeo, but doesnt try hard. *Not like he needs toooo” . He’s super talkative and smart, and does anything to impress.

Wait what? Is this? Who is this? What’s her name? Who is she…

The Ransom-Part Three

How many of you guys are fanpersoning?

Chapter Three-Merik

     I sit like a crumbled wall, falling apart. (Ahhh, beautiful!) My legs are bloody and bruised. My arms are covered in sharp, painful scratches. My tall, curly hair is singed and there’s a cut above my lip.

     Romeo sits beside me, in worse condition. His arm is hanging at his side, clearly broken. 

     After the nuclear blast, we were herded back to our prison. The rumble of a far away eruption had warned Zielle, Romeo, and me of the oncoming blast. We had run quite literally for our lives. 

     I have no idea where Zielle is. Last I saw of her she was running towards the prison. Her long legs pushed her like a gazelle, and she left us behind soon.

  “STAND UP!” the loud voice of a nervous sergeant commands us. “You will all go to the hospital and be treated. You will all stay quiet and not make a sound,” the sergeant goes to the door. Everyone in the room stands and we shuffle around until we’re in a single file line. 

     My mouth is closed for once. I have this problem called Blosser Melvarn. Basically, I have a problem keeping my mouth shut. It takes all of my self control to be quiet as we shuffle to the hospital.


     I lie on a cot, my wounds bandaged and my hair freshly washed. My brain is okay. The nurses are all whispering about how I’m a miracle to not have gotten brain damage from the nuclear blast. It’s rare that somebody comes nearly unscathed from something like that.

     The patter of raindrops outside is odly soothing. I’m not usually a soothing raindrops kinda guy, but I haven’t slept in two days. Lack of sleep does weird things to you.


  “Merik? Merik, are you awake?” a feminine voice arouses me from my sleep. I don’t remember falling asleep. Instinctively, I try to block out the noise.

  “Merik, stop it!” I light tap on the shoulder urges me to open my eyes.

  “Zielle, what are you doing here? I thought we were going to meet once and never see each other again! What’s up?” I instantly become talkative and cocky. I try to grab her hand but she pulls away.

  “Stop it. Yeah, since you just about died with these people, it’s not like you’re gonna meet again. Now get up! We’ve gotta go get Romeo!” 

  “Wait, that guy? Why? We met once and now you wanna have a club?” I was indignant. Prettyboy isn’t the type of person I become besties with.

  “Romeo is the only other person I sort of know. And it’s not a club,” Zielle leans in close to me. Like she’s going to kiss me. Which I wouldn’t mind. Instead, she whispers something: “We’re getting out of here.”


Kind of. I’m planning a character meeting thing!!! 


What Do You Think So Far?

What do you think about the storline? The characters? Will there be shipping 😉😊 (weird, italicized emojis 😜) are you excited for chapter four?


The Ransom Part Two

Chapter One

Chapter Two-Zielle

(These chapters are going to have a changing point of view. Last chapter POV was Riley. This chapter is Zielle.)

     I pull my raven hair into a high ponytail, sweat dripping from my neck. I feel a sharp tap on my back.

  “Keep working,” the harsh voice of a soldier calls out.

  “You okay, Zielle?” Romeo whispers to me, peeking to see if anyone is looking.

  “I’ve got a backbone,” I say. Romeo is the type of boy all the girls swoon at. Except for me. And, of course, I’m the one girl he likes. I have wavy, jet black hair, high cheekbones, a slender, perfectly shaped body, and I’m 5 7” with a tan complexion. So yeah, I guess I’m pretty. 

  “What do you think you’re doing?” One of the soldiers spits at the girl working next to me. 


  “Get over here,” the soldier grabs the girl and pulls her away. I look over at the other girls work. The stones she was laying were all purposely crooked. I smile at this girls small act of rebellion. 


     The sun is barely peaking over the horizon as we leave the Sanctuary. I’m muddy and have a cut on my left cheek. We all line up as Officer Levando-one of the Golden Countrie’s newest officials-counts us off. All 52 of us. I don’t know what happened to that other girl who was taken. Frankly, I don’t care. 

     Romeo stands behind me in line and tries to hold my hand. I yank it away. “I’m not a baby, are you?”

  “Um, no, I just,” Romeo turns red as everyone stares at us.

  “Good. Then we don’t need to hold hands,” I say and turn back around. Then there is a loud crackling sound. A second later, a fiery explosion sounds behind us.


     Without thinking, I grab Romeo’s hand and run. I try to grab others on my way, but people are going everywhere and the confusion is overwhelming. I throw my legs out in front of me, pulling Romeo away from a spot that explodes seconds after we’re gone. I don’t look back. 

  “Slow…down,” Romeo huffs, lagging behind.

  “Are you joking?” I scream over the explosions. “Would you like to be blown up?” 

     Nobody has any idea what’s happening. Who’s bombing us? Is this a mistake. Thoughts race through my mind as I pull Romeo down into a ditch.

  “Thank you,” Romeo leans over to kiss me.

  “Just shut up. Just because I saved you doesn’t mean I like you.”

  “If you don’t like me then why didn’t you just leave me there?”
  “‘Cause I tried to grab as many people as I could, and you were the only one to come,” I say.

  “Zielle, you’re weird.”

  “Thanks. Best compliment ever.”

       I shreik as somebody bends down next to me and Romeo. The person puts a hand over my mouth. The already cramped hole get more crowded.

  “Mind if I hang out here for a while?” a boy, probably 16 or 17 says nonchalantly. Not like a bomb exploded right behind him.

  ” Gwuff yor an if muy moush,” I say through the boys hand.

  “What’d you say, Pretty girl?

  “Duts not ey,” I mumble. He takes his hand off my mouth. “That’s not my name!” I say loudly, staring at him with icy eyes. 

  “It is now. I’m Merik. Who are you?” Merik looks at Romeo.

  “The name’s Romeo. And we do mind if you stay here.”

  “Woah, woah, cool down. Nobody’s dieing! I’ll leave if you want.”

  “Actually, people are dieing. Have you not noticed the bombs going off around you? And dont leave. I will.”

   “Can’t let you do that, Pretty Girl. You’re a bit young to go out there and die,” Merik winks at me in an infuriating way.

  “She won’t die. Come on, Zielle, let’s go,” Romeo seems ready to leave.

      Just then, there’s a rumbling beneath us. Romeo and Merik jump up along with me. We all run.

To Be Continued!!

Ransom Book Cover

I love the font, it’s eerie and dramatic yet new and inviting! And the picture. I will MAKE it tie in! I am thinking about chapter two of Ransom right now!

Isabel made this for me, right? I found it and it’s so pretty!

The Ransomed…Part one

Don’t expect a graphic, my computer is-gasps- broken.


     The mysterious liquid boiled in the large black bowl. Not a cauldron. This was no witch. This was much different.

Chapter One

     The terms were strict- 20 billion dollars a person. That was my ransom. That was the ransom of the 53 kids who were kidnapped four months ago. Or was it five? All I know is that only four kids are getting out of here. And it’s the choice of my country, Carenva. In other words, I’m not getting out of here.

     I was 14 when I was captured by these people. Nobody knows their name, but Carenva, and all the other countries, call them the Golden Country. I don’t know why, since there’s not a speck of gold here. Almost everything is metal. 

     The war has been going on for five years with no end in sight. So much for peace-that’s what Carenva means in some language.

     I, Riley, was captured with thirty-one other kids, the other twenty three got here a week after we did. We get three meals, a bed, and a trip to the Sanctuary three times a week, where we are forced the slave for their King. The king keeps a mask on, so that if we do get free we can’t say anything about him. 

     Once, when we were setting stones on the new palace, the mask slipped. I saw teal eyes. Bright, unmistakable teal eyes. Just like mine. The Golden Country-ers didn’t notice the slip up. I have kept it to myself. 

  Right now, I wonder if the King of Carenva is counting out money for our ransom. I wonder who will be set free.


The Authoress’s Return

“knock knock”

“Who’s there?” 

“Rachel, The Authoress”


“Oh my gosh, are you okay?”

“Are you serious? Rachel-THE Authoress?? Omigosh I’m gonna die. I thought you were a legend”

“Alas, have I been gone that long? No, the creator of Authors Press is alive and well. And posting”



Yuuup! I’m here. I’m not a myth. And guess what-I have returned to govern my kingdom, and to aid my subjects, the Authors. Subjects (that’s you, Authors) I hope you have been kind to the visitors (that’s you, reader). I have come to spread my amazing talent as the young Authoress (the queen, aka me). Just kidding. I’m not that amazing…but I am THE Authoress. And I am making a solem vow.

That I will never not post on Authors Press for more then two weeks. Yup. I’m gonna do it. I’m also going to read your guy’s posts. Totally. I mean, there’s only like a thousand….