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Coming Soon: Riley

Hello, readers!

I, Rachel, am very excited to share the completed Riley story with you. I shared the cover…


…on my other blog, Nancy Drew, but not here. I also started it on there, and received so much positive feedback I HAD to finish it. And, oh, yeah, I’m entering it into a school competition. So. Excited. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, and will share the story ASAP!

RL Stands For Real Life~Part One

Author: Rachel Vincent

I’ve had this idea for a while, and haven’t gotten to a graphic yet, sorry! Maybe by part two I’ll have dug up enough time to dig up a graphic idea. I have a few ideas!

Part One

Amy Cavara put her hands on the keyboard. She typed in the first letter of her URL. The computer finished it for her, it knew where Amy wanted to go. A page popped up, filled with colors and letters. Amy’s blog, Wanna Say Words,  was a lifestyle blog with over 1,000 followers. Amy looked at her comments and replied to a few. She then started a new post.

Evie Starling also was on her laptop. She also typed in her URL. Then something happened. The URL didn’t lead to her fashion blog. It led to a colorful blog called Letters of Love. She tried again to get to her blog, typing in the URL again. She was taken to a page that was dark and shadowy with pictures of beautiful models with dark hair and flowy clothes. This was her blog. Somehow, though, the computer hadn’t led her here first. She had to figure out what’d happened.

Amy published her DIY Easter egg decorating post. After about thirty seconds it already had about 15 likes and 8 comments. After replying to them, she went to feed her cat. When she came back she had a new follower: Evie Starling.

Amy quickly visited her blog…it led her to her blog…again.

Evie had just followed Amy’s blog. She left a comment on Amy’s blog: howcome we have the same URL? She asked.

Amy got a notification: a new comment. It was from her new follower, Evie: howcome we have the same URL? Amy was confused, but clicked on Evie’s name. It took her to a dark site with pictures of girls in black clothes. That was weird. Up in the box, they had the same URL. She heard another ping-another comment-and went to check it. Again it was from Evie: We need to talk.




Author: Rachel Vincent

I’ll never forget when somebody called me pretty. It was at school. She wasn’t too bad herself, but I’m not one to judge. Her hair could use a cut, but she was nice. I instantly thanked her, but the thought stayed with me on the way home.

When I looked in the mirror that afternoon, my blue eyes shining hopefully, I realized I was pretty. I hadn’t really looked before, or cared. Just a simple ponytail, a t-shirt, and jeans, worked for me. I had a nice shiny head of hair, and my lips were a nice pink-red color. I wasn’t fat, either, I was really into basketball.

I tried looking for the beauty in others, and it turned out it wasn’t hard. A lot of people at school were nice, and everywhere else there were lots of beautiful people. I’ve never thought of the definition of the word. I always thought of pretty as someone who had nice features. Now I had a new definition.


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