A Short Story


Ok, today I will not post about 4Ever Fantastic Friends because…. Well, I just wanna.

Alright let’s begin with my short story. It is called…

How “Innocent” Fairytale Characters Act

Hi there, person. My name is- wait, you don’t need to know that. All you need to know is that I am the narrator of this story/tour.

Today’s tour will be to famous fairytale characters’ homes and see how they acted. Please hop in this time machine.

FIRST STOP: Cinderella’s old house.

Here, you can see Cinderella defying her stepmother’s orders. As a result, she had to do chores. Not because she was mean to her.

“Cinderella, be dear and go down to the store and buy  a clove of garlic. The maid is very sick,” the stepmother called.

“No!” Cinderella spat. “Make the twins get it.”

“Please dear…” the stepmother begged. “The twins are studying.”

“I am too! Look, I’m reading!” Cinderella flung her book across the room.

“Yes, I can see,” her stepmother sighed. “Please don’t throw books.”

Cinderella rolled her eyes. “Please don’t throw books,” she mimicked.


Ok, time to step away before we see any thing PG rated.

NEXT STOP: Belle in the Beast’s castle

Belle is the Beauty in Beauty and the Beast.

This is her character before she becomes a princess. In the Beast’s castle.

Beast: Do join me for dinner…

Belle: NO!

Beast: Why? *almost crying*

Belle: You’re ugly.

Beast: *burst into tears*


See? This is what happens when you are spoiled. Time for our final stop.

LAST STOP: Jack and Jill

Jack went tumbling down the hill. Why? Did he just break his crown? NO.

Jack was murdered by his very own twin sister.

Jill has been very jealous of Jack because he has been always getting attention as he is the eldest and always better at everything.

On the hill, Jack is lowering the bucket into the well. Jill creeps up behind him and slits his throat with a knife. With a yell, Jack drops the bucket, trips over a rock, and rolls down the hill. Jill smiles happily. But what she doesn’t know is that the well is magical and can sense danger. So the bucket flies out and hits her on the head. She K.O’s and rolls down the hill after her brother.

That concludes our tour. Thank you.


So how did you like it?! I thought it was pretty cool! Which is your favourite interpretation of the characters?

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Dry Throat

Hey hey hey!!!! Its meeeeee! I can’t write for too long today, because I need to eat dinner soon and do some homework. But anyways…

Today, I’m going to be telling a short story. This short story is not part of the other short story series which will be “launched” next week. (By the way, my short stories series names and details and will be coming out next week! That’s a promise!) Kindly do not get confused.

So, without further ado, I present to you…

Dry Throat

Silence floated through the atmosphere.

What was happening? I wondered. One minute I was running through the forest playing catch with my best friend hot on my heels, the next minute, silence filled the air so thick, I couldn’t even hear my own panting. It was deafening.

Hey! I wanted to yell. Where’s everyone?! Hello?!

I wanted to say these words so bad, I began to tear. Where were my friends? There were at least ten of them, in total. Now not a single one of them appeared.

Maybe I should go back, I thought. Maybe they will be waiting there. Maybe I have won. Maybe they have started another game. 

I wiped my tears and quickly retraced my steps. The silence followed me like a dark and sober cloud.

I re-entered the clearing which my friends and I had started playing games from. But no one was in sight.

They’ll come back, I thought confidently, and sat down to wait.

What if they won’t? another voice in me asked.

They’ve got to, I thought. I mean, We’re good friends and we stand by each other.

I can tell they’ve deserted you. The voice started sounding spooky. The word deserted pierced me.

I pushed the voice away and continued staring at the grass.

Twenty minutes later, the deafening silence had left and normal silence was back. Birds sang, bees buzzed and trees swayed in the wind. My friends had not returned.

I stood up and looked around. “OI!” I hollered as loud as I could. “I’m here, you know! You guys can come out now!!!!”

No answer. I sat back down and began to sing.

An hour later, I started feeling woozy. I began to sway lightly.

Help! I cried silently.

The lack of water (I hadn’t drunk for two hours and the heat was penetrating through my skull) and the singing had caused this.

As I began to fall to the ground, I heard voices. The voices of tweens and teens. They were my friends.

I stood up like a drunkard. At last! I wanted to cry out, but fainted before I could do so.


As I hit the ground, I sat blot upright in bed, sweating like crazy. I was at home.

Silly me. It was just a dream.

But as I reached for my water bottle on my side table, I realised I had a dry and thirsty throat.



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God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb 😀


Hey y’all! Most of y’all probably already know, but if not…

The creator of Author’s Press, Rachel, has another blog: http://www.nancydrewblogforyou.wordpress.com

Well she is having a contest. It’s called; The Prettiest pen writing contest. And I along with IzzyPopcorn and MaryLouise are on Team Panda!

We have to use certain sentences in our short story we come up with. Two for extra points.

So here is my story:

I was always alone in life. Not so much when I was little. I saw light and shapes. I saw the birds and the trees. I saw the freshest flowers and the most delicious pies. I saw the puffy white clouds and the fluttering butterflies. I saw my family, which I only had for a little while. Who, I could only see for a little while.

The birds and the animals were always my friends. I would come home from school, drop my glasses on the table and run outside and smell the fresh air. See the green trees and blue sky. And I would play with my friends. I was always called “Four eyes” because of my glasses. So the only true friends I had were the animals. Then mother would yell for me to come inside. I would go, reluctantly, and scrub the shop’s floors, and tables. I would count the money in the register, and the stock. Then I would be so tired I just collapse on my bed. “Working hard makes a good shopkeeper”, “A healthy girl makes a good shopkeeper”, mother would say.

Doctors visits were a regular thing with mother. “We must make sure you are healthy”, “The healthy girl makes a good shopkeeper”. She didn’t want a daughter, just an assistant.

But strangely, the world grew darker each day and mother talked less and less to me each day. My animal friend’s once vibrant color’s faded. The black board at school became harder to see. Even the blue sky started to appear gray. She couldn’t bear to tell me what the doctors had told her. She didn’t have the nerve to look at me. She couldn’t even tell her own daughter that:

She was going blind.

One day I couldn’t see anything. I screamed, I cried, I yelled. No objects were visible, the people were gone, my bedroom was a dark cell. All light was gone, all hope had faded, all the faces of the world were just cold dark voices. The buildings and trees I couldn’t see. All I saw was black. Cold, dark black. It was like a never ending night. Mother’s face was just a voice coming from the corner. I couldn’t look into the mirror. I couldn’t see what was for breakfast. The colors and adventure the world had once been so full of, were gone. The green of the grass, the blue of the sky, the purple of the lilacs, the white of the linens, were all black. All dark. The animals which I had once played and looked at for hours, were gone. I even shined a flashlight into my eyes, and I couldn’t even see that. I couldn’t see them. I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t breathe in my everlasting cell of darkness.

Mother always wanted a strong girl so she could raise her up to take over the family business. A healthy one. But, I was healthy! I just couldn’t see anything. Nothing. Not even my own hand in front of my face. I was blind and mother had to accept that. I could still work. Still make a good shopkeeper.

Mother just took me, just thought of me as a sack. A dumb old sack with holes. It could hold nothing, it was good for nothing but to be thrown away. And that’s what she did.

She dumped me on a street on a cold and I think rainy day. I could feel the hard cement of the sidewalk and the hardness of my mother’s heart. I called to her to come back. I cried for her not to leave me. I told her I could be a good daughter and shop keeper. I cried, I begged, I begged her to look into the face of her daughter and show love. But I couldn’t see if she cried or laughed at me. I couldn’t see her resentment or her obligation to leave me. Hot tears continued to stream down my face. I was soaked to the bone with rain, I shivered from the cold of the rain and the darkness of my sight.  The world was dark. She was dark. The sky once blue, was black. The flowers once pink, were black. My favorite yellow dress that I always wore, was black. Even my red hair, was black. I couldn’t see the people walking by, or the cars on the street. I couldn’t see the rain clouds or the birds taking shelter.

I couldn’t see, and that’s what she hated me for. I wasn’t healthy enough to be a shopkeeper. And apparently not good enough to be her daughter.

And with that she walked into the rain and didn’t look back. And that was the last time anyone ever saw her. The last time I ever saw her.


Hope you enjoyed!