Short Story

Enjoy this little story I wrote a little bit ago!

A scream. Darkness. Then, cold, hard fear had it’s long spindly fingers wrapped around me. I shivered at the eerie touch of utter fear. Then, a hand, real, physical, but just as cold, grabbed my arm, covered my mouth, and shoved me into a box. I did not know it, but all the other kids at the finishing school had been abducted too.

The box opens after a long journey. The sudden light blinds me, and I can’t see who is above me. Slowly, as my eyes adjust to the glare of millions of lightbulbs, I am yanked roughly up. I know that this person is young, because their grip is uncertain and loose. When I try to yank away, though, the grip becomes unbreakable. The young attacker leads me to another room. My eyes start to make out the features of a young boy, not much older than me. He has hair that looks like he runs his fingers through it. Alot. He has cobalt black eyes that stare straight ahead. He walks with an air of uncertainty, like a mouse trying to creep out of a hole without being caught by the cat.

I am broken away from my reverie as the boy pushes me into a chair. He binds me with tight ropes. He then leaves the room.

The lights flicker. A fly buzzes. I sit in hard, low chair. Then comes a noise. The click of high heels. A woman is approaching. The door is slammed open. A woman with sleek black hair and blood red lips walks into the room, her extremely tall high heels clicking. She has an air of confidence, night and day when compared to the boy’s uncertainty.

“Adeline M. Cannon, welcome,” she says. I’m surprised to hear her voice, which is kind and sweet, but sophisticated nonetheless. Nothing like her demeanor. She gives a smile that seems genuine, but I don’t believe her. “Welcome to my school, Madame Silvers’ Select Seminary,” she says.

“Select seminary?” the words come out of my mouth before I can stop them. “Why am I here? I don’t nee–!”

“Darling,” the woman says, her voice dripping with honey sweetness. “You are one of the few I have chosen to sponsor! You are very fortunate, indeed! I have been watching you, and you seem very intelligent. Someone I would like to teach. So I brought you and a few of your little friends here to learn.”

I’m confused. I am definitely not finishing school material.

“Please, let Lavinia take you to your private room. Classes will begin tommorow promptly at nine. Don’t be late!” the woman waggles her fingers and walks out of the room. Moments later a woman, Lavinia, I’m guessing, unties me-why exactly did they kidnap and tie me up? They could easily have just taken me quietly. Something seems strange, but I don’t have time to contemplate it all. I am rushed to a room filled with lavish furniture and a crackling fire. It seems like heaven.

Five days later…

I have fallen into a routine. Every morning I wake up, eat breakfast, dress, and have a day full of classes. The other ladies here are very kind and welcoming. Something, though, still seems off.

It is Tuesday when it happens. I am walking, alone, back to my room, in the evening. The boy with sandy blonde hair runs up to me, “Miss! Miss!,” he whispers, catching up and walking beside me. “You’ve got to leave! It’s all a trick! She’s brainwashing you all!”

Again, I am confused, “What are you talking about? Brainwashing? You mean Madame Silvers?” I inquire.

“Yes! That’s why she make you be bind up when you come, Miss!” the boys whispers are frantic now, “She is making you into an army. It sounds really crazy, but you have got to believe me. I overheard her talking about it!” Maybe it’s something in his eyes. Maybe it’s the fear in his voice. I don’t exactly know how, but I know that he’s telling the truth.

“I believe you,” I say, shocking him. “How do we get out of here?” I ask.

Did you like it?


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