Animal Rights

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Yikes! I forgot to post this week. Sorry! Will post now. Below is an essay about animal rights I wrote for my studies. Hope it sends the message across the screen!

Animal Rights

You may not know this, but lots of animals suffer from animal cruelty. Even though they are many animals which are healthy and happy, there are also sad, unhealthy, neglected, and tortured animals.

Animals are alive too. They have a right to live! Animal hoarding is one of the examples that kill animals. It is when one person is housing more than one animal and cannot take care of them well. This can lead to starvation of animals and can cause the animals to be in distress. But how do we know when that owner is not caring for the animals well? When there are fleas and vermins around; the home is deteriorated; animals are lethargic or emaciated, and many more. Every year, a quarter of a million animals die of hoarding. We do not need this to happen.

Even though farm animals will be killed for food, we should still let them live in a better condition. Many animals raised for slaughter are living on crowded farms. Although many packages of meat, eggs, and dairy claim that they have good animal welfare on labels, only a fraction of it is true.

Animals should not be used for human entertainment. Greyhound racing is one of the human entertainments which use animals. There have been 11, 722 Greyhound injuries, 990 deaths, and 27 cases of cruelty and neglect. And that’s just between 2008-2015! Imagine how many more have already happened between 2016-2017.

These are just a few of the cases which include animal cruelty. There are loads more, and probably many more to come. Some animals have already been rescued, but not all can be saved. We just have to do the best we can. Animals have the right to live too, because God made them that way.

Do you agree with any of these?


~ Starling


An (Interesting) Essay

Hi there! Today, I will be posting an essay which I wrote for my studies. I hope you enjoy it!! (Comment down below about the essay if you wish)

Penrod Book Report

Penrod is a book by Booth Tarkington. This book was a little difficult to read as it was old English, but I managed it somehow. Lots of spectacular and different things occur in this book, some of which are impossible to do in real life. Although he is a playful boy, his behavior usually gets out of hand.

One day in school, Penrod is daydreaming, when suddenly he flies out of the window. The teacher and all the students run out to see him. Flying here and there, Penrod enjoys the fun then returns back to school. He shows disrespect to the teacher when she calls him to go down. This is only one of the many troubles he caused.

Another time, he is having a haircut. The barber calls him a “little gentleman,” which Penrod dislikes. As he is heading home, somehow people started to address him as “little gentleman.” Penrod yells at them to stop, claiming he is not a “little gentleman.” But people just continue calling him so. In the end, he throws a fit and his father scolds him. Penrod plunges into a nasty temper.

On his birthday, Penrod invites his friends. They dance and play games at the party; Penrod just cannot stop dancing with one particular girl, which makes another girl jealous. This results in a fight and embarrasses Penrod’s parents greatly. But he doesn’t care.

Penrod is a very naughty boy who is full of ideas. The book captures his characters very well. It is descriptive even though it is a little hard to read. Having to be a good boy is difficult for any child, much less Penrod who is rather active.


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