About: the Original Author

Welcome to the about page! Want to learn a bit more about the original author (administrator) of Authors Press? Then this is the page!

Hello! I’m Rachel Vincent, but you can call me Rachel! I’m the original author on Authors Press. I also blog on my first blog, Nancy Drew, which is a more personal blog then this. You can learn a lot about me on there, and I post there all the time!

I’m also the author of Ellie Horse Girl At Heart. My author website is Rachel Vincent, make sure you check it out at one time or another!

Why did I start this blog? I started this blog because I want to give authors publicity, and also a place to share their stories. I started a blog called Authors Press a while ago about getting published…before I was published. Yeah, I deleted it 🙂 ! Whoops!

Well, that’s a bit about me, the original author of Authors Press!