Over the Mountains {Character Intros}

         I’m rewriting the character profiles because I was thinking it over, and a lot of stuff actually changes. Sorry about that! 😬

Over the Mountains



Princess Isania of Winterspell

Name: Isania

Age: 15

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Warrior/princess

Fight style: Physical combat

Clothes: Short black dress, black leggings, brown fur vest, brown ankle boots

Hair: Brown in a braid with a white feather

Eyes: Brown/dark gray

Personality: Quiet, loyal, determined

Backstory: Isania’s sister Azania was kidnapped at 10 years old. Defying her mother, Isania teams up with Echo and Tyrond, going to find her, after receiving a hint that she is in the forbidden city of Westerlight.

fantasy warrior wallpaper hd-4.jpg

Guardian Echo of Shadowglass

Name: Echo

Age: 15

Kingdom: Shadowglass

Profession: Guardian/Warrior

Fight style: Weaponry

Clothes: Short strapless black leather dress, black boots, black arm cuffs

Hair: Black partial-bun with feathers

Eyes: Violet

Personality: Defensive, aggressive, challenging

Backstory: Told that she is not supposed to be a guardian, but must find another destiny in Westerlight, Echo goes to Westerlight, and runs into Isania and Tyrond on the way, eventually befriending them.

half_elf_druid (1).jpg

Student Tyrond

Name: Tyrond

Age: 15

Kingdom: Fallshore

Profession: Student in magic

Fight style: Enchantments

Clothes: Green shirt, black pants, brown arm cuffs, white fur vest

Hair: Spiky blue-black

Personality: Quiet, nervous, anxious

Backstory: After being diagnosed with a deadly disease, he is told that his only cure will be in Westerlight. On the way, he finds Isania and Echo who accompany him.

th (8)

Enchantress Morasia

Name: Morasia

Age: Unknown

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Enchantress/bodyguard

Fight style: Magic

Clothes: Blue velvet cloak, black dress

Hair: Changes

Personality: Mysterious, calm, composed

Backstory: Morasia serves as Isania’s bodyguard and tells her where Azania will be found. No further information will be given because of spoilers


Queen Clarion of Winterspell

Name: Clarion

Age: Unknown

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Queen

Fight style: Mental combat

Clothes: Crimson and white robes

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Pale silver

Personality: Cold, reserved, intelligent

Backstory: Queen Clarion is a cold woman, who wins over her enemies just by looking at them and messing with their mind. She cares only about her title. Further information will be given in the story.


Princess Azania of Winterspell

Name: Azania

Age: 15

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Captive/princess

Fight style: Physical combat

Clothes: Chestnut dress with dust brown lining. Golden arm cuffs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown/gray

Personality: Swift, fierce, protective

Backstory: Azania was kidnapped at age 10 by Westerlighters. She is held in Westerlight until her sister comes to rescue her leading to the Battle of WesterLight. Further information will be given in the story.







4Ever Fantastic Friends Chapter 4

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And with another chapter of 4Ever Fantastic Friends! 

By the way, sorry for deserting you guys for so long and for no reason. I kinda forgot about this story…

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But I’m back! I’ll try to post another chapter next week.

And also, I made a logo thingy for this series/story/whatever.

4Ever Fantastic Friends

Anyway, let’s get on with Chapter 4! And below are the links for the previous chapters. This is just in case you guys lost track of the story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

After swinging around madly for a few minutes, the four fairies plopped onto the ground, out of breath.

“What do you reckon we should do now?” asked Dawn.

Dusk tapped her chin thoughtfully. “The right thing to do is to go to the Head Fairy Godmother.”

“What about our parents?” Sea inquired.

“Mehhh word gets around.” Sky smiled. “They’ll hear about it when we become famous.”

Dusk shrugged. “This is rare magic we are talking about. We really need to tell the HFG.”

“Ok, ok. Let’s go.” Dawn held up another of Sea’s book. “I wonder if this will burn.” The book exploded in flames.

“ENOUGH!” Sea snatched it away. “Go ruin your own stuff. In case you didn’t know, I read my books. Not burn them!”

“Look, it’s merely an experiment,” Dawn argued. “Besides, what do you want that textbook to read for? It’s a textbook. Nobody wants to read a school book.”

“I do. Besides, there’s a test coming up in case you did not know.” Sea tucked her books into her bookshelf.

“Will we even need to study now that we have SM?” Dawn wondered.

“Can we go now?” Sky and Dusk were already standing at the door.


The path to the head Fairy Godmother’s house was really easy, since she lived on the top of Silverash Hill.

They requested for an immediate appointment with the HFG because it was really important.

As the young fairies waited for the front door to be opened, they nervously paced the front of the silver gates, scuffed the ground with the tip of their shoes, and blinked really fast (mainly Dusk).

After waiting for seven minutes, the gates opened and a tall and skinny man wearing a tuxedo bowed them in. “Follow me, ladies.”

The fairies were so nervous they could only keep their eyes on the back of the butler’s head.

Down the long white hall they went. On wither side of them, pictures of different fairies and animals were hung. Countless doors of different colours led to different rooms.

They were directed to the Fairy Godmother’s office.

“In here.” The butler opened the oak wooden door.

When the fairies stepped in, they could not believe who was sitting behind the desk.

Hehehe that was a cliffhanger. You’ll have to wait for the next chapter!

What do you think of the new “logo?”

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All Alone in This World (Finale) + Sneak-Peek to New Story!

           *Sniffle* All Alone in This World has finally ended. Well, it’s a bit of a relief actually, because now I can work on my new story!

Chapter 12

        Adrianna and I became sisters. We now lived together in a small house, ready for anything. Everything was over. My evil uncle was gone. Now, I could rest in peace without worry of murder.

      I used to be all alone in this world. I used to have nobody. Everybody was always taken away from me. But that would never happen again. For the cruelty was over, and now, I could have a peaceful life.

          I’m sorry it’s so short! But I didn’t really have anything else to write about. Now introducing…

Over the Mountains.png

Over the Mountains. Isania’s mother Clarion is the queen of Winterspell, and it’s not an easy title. After learning that her long lost twin Azania may be in the forbidden city of Westwyren, Isania sets out to find her. Queen Clarion knows that it will ruin her title, attempting to stop her. But Isania just wants her twin. Queen Clarion is found to be following Isania, afraid of her getting into danger. Little does she know that she only increases the peril…

         Here are the characters:



Isania is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Queen Clarion of Winterspell. She is gentle, quiet, determined, quick, and intelligent.

Queen Clarion


Queen Clarion cares about two things: her title and her daughters. She is overprotective, forbidding, calm, and serious.



Azania is Isania’s long-lost twin sister. She is known to be fierce, rash, hot-tempered, defensive, and strategical.

              Does it sound awesome?? I cannot wait to get started on it! Like it if you can’t wait, and comment if you like it!


kiss away the darkness

another (better) song for my favorite donuts. enjoy!

kiss away the darkness 

there was a girl (you)
who was born broken into a thousand pieces
no one ever cared to pick you up, lift you up
into the stars

and then there was him
he picked up the pieces in
soft summer breezes but
he only tore you apart

at night, in the dark, through the beating of your heart
you think you hear his voice saying “it will be okay”
lies, all lies, and he’s
lying on the couch with your brother in the dark

hands in his hair, in your hair
lips on your mouth, in your mind
prying open secrets like old kitchen cupboards and you’ve
lost your first lover to the world inside your home

then she’s there,with her heart on her sleeve
open mind, scabby knees
kiss away the salty tears
kiss away your deepest fears
kiss away the sadness and the dark

i hope you like it! constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. have a fantabulous day!

love from,



long time, no see, eh?

i had a crappy song idea today and i wrote it down, and i’m gonna share it with y’all now.  enjoy!


I wish I had a photograph
Of each moment
We spend together
Cause it’s the little things that matter
I would hold it to my chest
And kiss your
And dream that I could ever matter
Falling asleep
It’s you I see
Every time
Every dang time
I wish I had a photograph
Of each moment
We spend together
Cause it’s the little things that

hope you liked it!
love from,


All Alone in This World Chapter 11

     Well, so much for that idea. Sorry, I was on vacation and I didn’t come back until late night. 😬. So a big apology for that!!

Chapter 11

      “What are you doing?” I gasped. “I thought you were good. Why are you doing this? Who are you? What are you doing to me? I believed in you. I thought that I had found a family at last. Who are you. What are you doing.”

       “I suppose that you want to know everything,” growled my “father.” “I killed everyone. All of your beloved. Every single one of them.”

       Shock ran through my body. Him? I had never seen him in my life!

       “I am your uncle,” he continued. “Ever since you were born I hated you. I hated you because I knew you were powerful. You had a slow temper, innocent. I knew that one day, you would get rid of me because of the way I treated your father. Horribly.

      “He would have told you, then what would I have done? So I killed them all off, so that nobody could ever tell you of the horrible things I had done and of you. I spared you however, but now I have decided to stop. Adrianna, she loved Lilias. But she had to kill her parents because I told her that I myself would kill Lilias if she didn’t. She didn’t want to.

      “I made her however, I hired her because otherwise I would do away with Lilias. But at the last moment, she rebelled. She couldn’t keep up helping me, she was too innocent. So I had to kill Lilias. Now nobody knows where she is.

      I struggled for breath, the dagger was nearing.

      “Let her go,” a quiet voice said. “I am done serving you, Roscoe. You might have killed my sister, but I still cannot serve you. You terrified me. You told me horrible, morbid things. I had no choice. You destroyed me.”

       I saw out of the corner of my eye, an older girl, tall, dressed in a white dress. Her hair lay in waves. It was the color of the sun. She looked liked Lilias. The thought of Lilias hurt me. But Adrianna, she could be my hope. My only hope.

       “Go, Adrianna,” snarled Roscoe. “Do you want me to kill you too?”

      “I would rather than you kill that innocent girl!” cried Adrianna. “It was your own fault for doing those unforgivable things. It was your own fault. You shouldn’t take it out on her. Let her go.”

       Roscoe had loosened his grip and I sprang, snatching the dagger away. But I was no expert. He soon had me again, tighter. I didn’t see Adrianna anywhere. Had she actually abandoned me now? Suddenly Roscoe roared. I turned to see what was going on. Then he fell dead to the ground.

       Adrianna breathed hard.

     “Stella,” she gasped. “Let’s go home.”

Did you enjoy? Hope you did!


Animal Rights

Hello! I’m Starling. Previously known as PenelopeCrumb. What I meant to say is, its still me! The Authoress of 4Ever fantastic Friends! (Sorry I haven’t posted that in a few weeks)

I have a new blog by the way. Anyway, let’s get on with the post!

Yikes! I forgot to post this week. Sorry! Will post now. Below is an essay about animal rights I wrote for my studies. Hope it sends the message across the screen!

Animal Rights

You may not know this, but lots of animals suffer from animal cruelty. Even though they are many animals which are healthy and happy, there are also sad, unhealthy, neglected, and tortured animals.

Animals are alive too. They have a right to live! Animal hoarding is one of the examples that kill animals. It is when one person is housing more than one animal and cannot take care of them well. This can lead to starvation of animals and can cause the animals to be in distress. But how do we know when that owner is not caring for the animals well? When there are fleas and vermins around; the home is deteriorated; animals are lethargic or emaciated, and many more. Every year, a quarter of a million animals die of hoarding. We do not need this to happen.

Even though farm animals will be killed for food, we should still let them live in a better condition. Many animals raised for slaughter are living on crowded farms. Although many packages of meat, eggs, and dairy claim that they have good animal welfare on labels, only a fraction of it is true.

Animals should not be used for human entertainment. Greyhound racing is one of the human entertainments which use animals. There have been 11, 722 Greyhound injuries, 990 deaths, and 27 cases of cruelty and neglect. And that’s just between 2008-2015! Imagine how many more have already happened between 2016-2017.

These are just a few of the cases which include animal cruelty. There are loads more, and probably many more to come. Some animals have already been rescued, but not all can be saved. We just have to do the best we can. Animals have the right to live too, because God made them that way.

Do you agree with any of these?


~ Starling

I’m Home!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m BACK! Yes, I went on an extra week of vacay, and have not blogged for over a month (I thinkl 😉 ) While I was gone I even got more followers though, so thanks!!

When I got back from the first vacation, I tried to post but this computer did not allow it, so I was forced to wait to….today!

Thanks to all you well-wishers, who wished me safe travels. That post though was totally cringe-worthy.

Overall, thanks for enduring my absence, and welcome to all my new followers! Love you all!

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A Short Story


Ok, today I will not post about 4Ever Fantastic Friends because…. Well, I just wanna.

Alright let’s begin with my short story. It is called…

How “Innocent” Fairytale Characters Act

Hi there, person. My name is- wait, you don’t need to know that. All you need to know is that I am the narrator of this story/tour.

Today’s tour will be to famous fairytale characters’ homes and see how they acted. Please hop in this time machine.

FIRST STOP: Cinderella’s old house.

Here, you can see Cinderella defying her stepmother’s orders. As a result, she had to do chores. Not because she was mean to her.

“Cinderella, be dear and go down to the store and buy  a clove of garlic. The maid is very sick,” the stepmother called.

“No!” Cinderella spat. “Make the twins get it.”

“Please dear…” the stepmother begged. “The twins are studying.”

“I am too! Look, I’m reading!” Cinderella flung her book across the room.

“Yes, I can see,” her stepmother sighed. “Please don’t throw books.”

Cinderella rolled her eyes. “Please don’t throw books,” she mimicked.


Ok, time to step away before we see any thing PG rated.

NEXT STOP: Belle in the Beast’s castle

Belle is the Beauty in Beauty and the Beast.

This is her character before she becomes a princess. In the Beast’s castle.

Beast: Do join me for dinner…

Belle: NO!

Beast: Why? *almost crying*

Belle: You’re ugly.

Beast: *burst into tears*


See? This is what happens when you are spoiled. Time for our final stop.

LAST STOP: Jack and Jill

Jack went tumbling down the hill. Why? Did he just break his crown? NO.

Jack was murdered by his very own twin sister.

Jill has been very jealous of Jack because he has been always getting attention as he is the eldest and always better at everything.

On the hill, Jack is lowering the bucket into the well. Jill creeps up behind him and slits his throat with a knife. With a yell, Jack drops the bucket, trips over a rock, and rolls down the hill. Jill smiles happily. But what she doesn’t know is that the well is magical and can sense danger. So the bucket flies out and hits her on the head. She K.O’s and rolls down the hill after her brother.

That concludes our tour. Thank you.


So how did you like it?! I thought it was pretty cool! Which is your favourite interpretation of the characters?

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4Ever Fantastic Friends Chapter 3

Woohoo! We’re at chapter 3 now!

Chapter 3

Sky widened her eyes. Then she leaped into the air. “YIPPEE!”

Excitedly, she began dancing.

“What’s wrong with her?” Sea gasped. “On no! She’s possessed! Help!”

“Snap out of it!” Dusk snapped. “She has SM too!”

Dawn breathed a sigh of relief and began jumping up and down. “Yayyyyyyyyyyy! I’m not the only oneeeeeeeeee!”

The two fairies grabbed hands and twirled in a circle.

“Stop it!” Dusk flapped her hands at them very very very fast. “You’re messing up all our books and stuff.”

“Whoa, how are you doing that?” Sea asked.

“What?” Dusk looked at her hands and screamed.

Sky and Dusk stopped moving and stared. Suddenly, Sky hugged her. “YES! You have SM too!”

The three fairies began to hop up and down.

In despair, Sea looked at them. All three of her best friends were now with SM. Would she get it too? Most unlikely. But today was a day of surprises.

Sea picked up a bottle of water and took a large gulp from it. She continued drinking and drinking, as if she could drink forever.

“Sea? Sea? SEA!” Sky shrieked, staring at her best friend. “Stop drinking! No fairy can drink so much! STOP!”

Sea choked and spat water. She continued blowing water until all the water she had drunk was gone.

“Sorry…” she whimpered.

YES!” all her friends cried. “You have SM too! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!”

In deep surprise, Sea was being dragged into her friends who were holding hands and dancing excitedly.


Well?! How was it?! Tell me how much you liked it!

God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb