A Pantoum & Announcements!

Helloooooooooo! Long time, no see, right? I missed y’all. Anyways, I’m here with a short pantoum that I wrote for my writing class and some announcements… which will come after the poem. Enjoy!


Everything ended in flames

They’re gone; that wasn’t a dream

I wish it was a dream

Why couldn’t it be a dream?

They’re gone; that wasn’t a dream

You’re talking, but I can’t hear you

Why couldn’t it be a dream?

I just want it to be a dream!

You’re talking, but I can’t hear you

I turn away and let the tears come

I just want it to be a dream!

Slip between the cracks and fall into the abyss

I turn away and let the tears come

I wish it was a dream

Slip between the cracks and fall into the abyss

Everything ended in flames

Thoughts? Suggestions? Dare I say… compliments? 😉 Hey, everyone loves compliments. Well, bye!




You’re still here. You’re staring at me and waving your arms.

It’s kind of freaking me out.

Oh, yeah! 🤦‍♂️ The announcements!

I’m happy to say that I am now on both Pinterest and FanFiction.net. I’m isabel the writing weirdo  and lovelunalovegood, respectively. I post my random weird stuff on Pinterest, and I’ve posted both Tears and Raindrops and a KOTLC fanfic on there called Secrets & Sweethearts.

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New Collab Story with Cupcakegirl10! Chapter One

Hallooooo, my darlings! Cupcakegirl10 and I have started writing a story together. It’s a historical romance adventure! Sounds fun, right? Anyways, I’m here with chapter one. The Italian words are in italics, and we’ll tell you the meaning at the bottom of each post.

Chapter One: Chiara

It all started with a simple difference, as most arguments do. Difference of opinion, difference of the heart, difference in politics… everyone is different. For us, it was a difference of religion.
Papà was a good man, with a kind heart. But when it came to the topic of religion, he and Siena Amalia had completely different points of view. And it appeared that Papà’s temper, so short and frayed those days, had snapped.

“Mamma says to follow your heart,” I trembled, stepping in between Siena Amalia and Papà. Mamma shook her head vigorously and grabbed my hand, pulling me against her and out of the argument.

“Now is not the time, mia figlia.” She whispered in my ear, holding me close in a storm of anger and tears.

“I am not an animal for you to control!” Siena sobbed, but her eyes were bright with anger rather than sadness. “I have my own beliefs, and I am tired of hiding them. I am a Christian, and I am proud of it.” Pride blossomed within me as I looked upon my sister, whose fists were clenched in defiance, her stance betraying no fear.

Papà slapped her across the face.

“Sergio!” Mamma shrieked, covering her mouth with one hand as she watched Siena nurse the red welt on her cheek.

“It’s time you learned your place, woman,” Papà sneered, turning to Mamma and raising his fist. I burst into tears as I watched the horrors unfold before my eyes. Mamma, my strong, spirited mother, shrank back and kept quiet. She was helpless to the plight before us. Papà’s gaze returned to Siena, who stood tall despite her obvious pain.

“You can hurt me all you want,” she hissed, her dark eyes hot with rage. “But you cannot stop a mind from thinking. And think I will.”

“Then leave,” Papà growled. “As long as you look upon God differently from us, you are no daughter of mine.” The words hurt Siena more than the slap. However, she recovered her composure quickly.

“I suppose this is goodbye, then,” she responded stiffly, but I detected a hint of melancholy in her voice. “I’ll be gone by noon tomorrow.” Papà raised an eyebrow, but didn’t object. But I did.

“You can’t leave!” I cried, hugging my older sister to me in a torrent of sadness. “I need you.”

“Chiara, I’m sorry, but America is no place for a little girl,” Siena sighed, stroking my dark hair as my tears soaked the front of her dress.

“America?!” Mamma burst out. “You can’t go there! It is not safe.” Papà glared at her yet again, and she fell silent. I pulled away from Siena Amalia, my resolve stiffened.

“If you’re going to America,” I said, “Then I’m going too.” Papà turned his anger upon me, and Siena Amalia shook her head vigorously.

“Chiara, no,” they both stated emphatically. There was a flicker of kinship between them before they turned back to me.

“You banish my sister, you banish me,” I continued stubbornly, glaring back at Papà. Tension was thick in the room, and for a minute I thought Siena and I would have matching welts. Finally, though, Papà relented.

“Go,” he snarled. “Both of you. But let it be known, you will not be missed.” Mamma could not hold her tongue any longer.

“I will miss them,” she snapped, opening her arms to us. We both held tight, not knowing that was the last time we would ever see her.

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Box of Dreams-A Poem

Box of Dreams
By Izzy

I watch as the bird
rises into the air, carrying
its box of dreams
into the sky
but the salty golden potatoes of its longing are heavy
with need
to return to the
and the golden arches of its dream tumble
to the ground

Hey, my lovelies! Sew, what do you think of this poem? In case you couldn’t guess, it’s about a bird that tried to take a box of McDonald’s fries and couldn’t. 😥 Poor bird. Although it’s probably better off without McDonald’s in its digestive system. 😂 Should I post more poems? I probably will, since in two days, it will be National Poetry Month, aka April, aka month of my birth! Yay! Have a great day, darlings! Kisses! 😘

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Change of the Seasons-A Short Story

I close my eyes and let the leaves swirl around me. They fade in and out, changing from crimson leaves to swirling snowflakes to dainty floating petals to salty sea spray. Always changing, churning in a continuous cycle from season to season.

Everything changes.

Change, change, change.


The word is sour on my tongue. I spit it into the changing seasons, but they swallow my hatred whole, transforming it into something beautiful. I’m tired of beautiful. I’m tired of the world acting like my pain and suffering are simply a figment of my overactive imagination. I’m tired of


Sew, guys, what do you think of this one hundred word story? Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Make sure to like and comment below!

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TPPWC, Prompt #1, Parts 1 & 2

Hello, my lovely friends! Today I have my story for Rachel Vincent’s The Prettiest Pen Writing Contest, Prompt #1. I’m on Team Panda, along with Cupcakegirl10 and Mary Louise. Woot woot! This is gonna be great, guys. Anyway, here’s my story!

Part One

The box. The door. The crumbling brick. It begged me to enter. So I did.

My heart thumped as I traveled deeper within the walls that had seen so much suffering and pain. This was the house where the girl had lived. The girl who was murdered.

I had heard many things about her. Some said her death was an honest mistake, that no one was to blame. I think they were just trying to convince themselves, along with everyone else.

They didn’t.

Some said it was burglars that killed her, searching for gold. But there was two things that everyone believed to be true. She always wore a red dress, the color of blood. She always stayed in a dark room, the color of death.


Part Two

I watched as the girl entered my domain. Didn’t she know what has happened here? Didn’t she know of the tragedy that had occurred?

I narrowed my ethereal eyes upon her being and gasped. She did know! She was curious. She wanted to disturb my last, last belly moments of peace. My last moments before my time between the worlds was ended, and I had to return to the underbelly of the universe. The realm of sinners, murderers, and those who finally get what they deserve.


I could feel rage building within me, turning the edges of my vision into a creeping red. Red as blood. Red as my dress, my favorite dress.

My only dress.

I flew at her, screaming and shouting curses and waving clawed fingernails at her. She wailed and ran past me, shooing me away with her hands. I smirked.

Like that would work.

The second she passed my threshold, her pace slowed.

“I’m not afraid of you!” She called over her shoulder. I could sense the anger within her, but it was clouded with fear. I smiled. She would not bother me again.

“You should be,” I hissed. With that, she walked into the rain and didn’t look back.

That was the last time anyone ever saw her.

I made sure of it.

Ta da! What did you think? BTW, I had the prompts I did in italics. I actually did all of them! Go me! 😉😁 And the reason there’s two different parts is because it switches perspective from the girl to the ghost of the murdered girl in Part Two. Did ya catch that?

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Tears and Raindrops, Chapter 10 (Last Chapter!)

Yeah, you read that right. This is the last chapter! I know, I know, I’m sad too. I wrote an epilogue, but I absolutely detest it, so I won’t be posting it. However, if I rewrite it, I’ll let you guys read it. Without further ado, our final chapter!

Chapter 10: Hermione

“Malfoy? Really, Hermione?” Parvati cried in consternation.

“I don’t… want to talk about this right now, Parv.” I sighed, holding my head in my hands and resting my elbows on my knees.

“Not optional,” Parvati stated firmly.

“Agreed,” Lavender put in. “How could you keep this from us, Hermione?”

“Do you even have to ask?” I mumbled grumpily. They both raised an eyebrow at me.

“Yes!!!” They whined in unison, then laughed and wrapped their arms around each other.

“But really, Hermione. Why him? Any boy in this school would kill to be yours.” Lavender lamented.

“And any girl, for that matter,” Parv winked, and Lav blushed.

“Guys, stop. It’s just… don’t you want me to be happy?” I didn’t understand why this was such a big deal. Never mind, I did. Because, well… it just is.

“Of course. But how can you be happy with Malfoy?” Lav was clearly confused and a little disgusted.

“He cares, Lav.” I gestured with my hands for emphasis. “He cares about me, and he likes me for me! It’s not just about my looks, or my brains, or what I’ve done. It’s who I am. And I like him! I really, really like him.” I flopped back on my bed and sighed. Suddenly Parv and Lavender looked understanding and sympathetic. “He’s sorry. He’s sorry for how he was.”

“Is,” Parvati glowered. She had especially hated Malfoy since first year, when he stole Neville’s Remembrall.

“Was,” I emphasized. “He’s changed.” They still looked dubious. Finally, though, they sighed and hug-attacked me.

“If he makes you happy, then we’ll deal with him,” Lav conceded.

“But if he breaks your heart, I’m jinxing him to high heck and back,” Parvati smirked.

“Deal,” I grinned. “Hey, when you guys go down for breakfast, can you please grab me some toast?” The gossip about me and Draco had spread overnight, and I didn’t feel like facing a bunch of whispering incredulity that morning. However, my friends had other plans.

“Yeah, right,” Parvati snorted. “You’re coming with us.” Lavender nodded emphatically.

“You’re gonna face those brats head on.” I stuck my tongue out at them.

“I already faced you two.” They stuck their tongues back out at me and dragged me downstairs. Wherever I went, curious eyes followed me, and I shrank back into my friends, my protectors.

“You can do this,” Lavender soothed. We stood in front of the Great Hall’s massive door, and my legs shook with fear.

“Pfft! Come on, girl. You’ve faced worse than this!” Parvati laughed. “You got a game plan?” I nodded. “Of course you do. Now go!” They shoved me towards the doors, which swung wide at my touch, and followed, hands clasped. Their presence gave me the courage to do what I needed to do.

Multitudinous pairs of eyes latched onto me as I strode the aisle between the Slytherin and Ravenclaw tables, my own eyes searching for the person I wanted to see most at that moment.

“Hermione?” There he was, gray eyes wide and bloodshot from lack of sleep, ivory hair still tousled from a rough night. Despite his flaws, I loved him.

Love. It was such a foreign concept to me at that point, but I had a plan, and I was going to follow through with it. I quickened my pace, cupped Draco’s pale face in my smooth brown hands, and kissed him in front of the entire hall.

Dead silence filled the cavernous space, interrupted only by several people, who had presumably had the hots for me, swearing violently. To me, though, it felt as if anything and everything faded away, leaving only Draco and me and our lips melding together.

It seemed minutes, hours, weeks before we pulled away, but eventually, we did. Draco’s eyes were wide, and they darted around the hall as we gauged various reactions. McCormick and Smith looked absolutely murderous, but Lavender and Parvati were grinning. Finally, Parvati stood upon her seat and wolf whistled. Slowly, a storm of clapping overwhelmed the boos and shrieks of outrage, and I beamed. I started towards my friends, but I felt a hand grasp my wrist as I was pulled backwards.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Malfoy smirked. I saw McGonagall smile before Draco pulled me close, and my world was made anew.

Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this. Comment below what your favorite part of this story was! Also, should I rewrite the epilogue and post it here?

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Tears and Raindrops, Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Draco

“Mr. Malfoy!” Boomed Slughorn’s reproachful voice. “I would greatly appreciate it if you paid attention.”

“Sorry, sir.” I mumbled, but the second he began to drone on yet again, I slipped back into my delightful fantasy. Except it wasn’t a fantasy. It was a memory. I held the memory of that night close to my chest. The memory our lips melding together, her hands in my hair, my hands caressing her beautiful, beautiful face.

When McCormick and Smith taunted and teased, I met her eyes across the hall and slipped into that euphoria. When I was avoided at all costs, even by my fellow Slytherins, I retreated into that memory. If I closed my eyes, I could almost feel my hand on her smooth cheek, and her sweet taste on my lips, like fresh raspberries.

“Draco?” I jerked out of my happy thoughts at her soft touch on my arm.

“Huh?” I looked around. Everyone had left except her, me, and Slughorn.

“Class is over,” Hermione told me gently before breezing out of the room. I left the room in a daze and stumbled out onto the grounds, collapsing under a beech tree through my lovesick fog.

Lovesick. Was I in love? I brushed the thought off to return to later and stretched out in the gentle May sun to do my homework. As I removed my potions textbook from my bag, I found a small, crisply folded note tucked between the pages. I grinned. Granger must’ve slipped it in while I was daydreaming. I gently unfolded it and read it through.


Meet me tonight at the top of the tallest tower. Come alone. Sorry it’s been so long, but, well, I’ve been busy. See you there!

Love from,


Love from, Hermione. Those three words sent shivers up my back. Love. It was such a foreign concept to me at that point that I wasn’t sure how to react. I’d be there, though. I was sure of that.

“Malfoy! Hey, Malfoy! Whatcha reading?” Smith shouted across the lawn as he and McCormick strode towards me, their grins full of malice. Jeez. What did I have to do to get away from those two? Somehow, I felt that melting into the background wouldn’t help me this time.

“Private,” I muttered, clutching the note to my chest. Wrong thing to say.

“Accio note!” McCormick cried, a vile smirk lighting up his features.

“No-don’t!” I yelled, but it was too late. The two of them put their heads together and read my note in mocking tones as a crowd gathered around us.

“‘Love from, Hermione.’ As in, Hermione Granger?” Smith looked shocked.

“There aren’t any other Hermiones at our school, doofus,” McCormick chided, smacking Smith on the back of the head. “But… Jeez, Malfoy. You and Granger?” He sounded absolutely incredulous. The surrounding crowd swelled with gossip. I didn’t know what to do. All I could think was, Hermione.

They were going to eat her alive.

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Tears and Raindrops, Chapter 8

A/N: Ok, guys, this is it. The big one! I’m sew excited!!!!!

Chapter 8: Hermione

“What’s wrong with you?” I yelled to the hall. My face was flushed with anger, and my fists were clenched. “How could you just stand there and let someone be tortured?” Everyone shuffled their feet and looked down, ashamed. Then I turned to the head table and Headmistress McGonagall, and my rage burned white hot.

“How could you let this happen?” I screamed at her. “I thought you had more sense than that.” My voice dropped to a whisper. “Apparently, I was wrong.” I turned tail and ran as lightning cracked and rain began to pour down from the enchanted ceiling.

I don’t know how I knew where to find him. I just thought about anger and pain and everything filling me, and in minutes he was before me.

He sat at the top of the tallest tower, legs crossed and head bowed. I stood watching him for a few minutes, imagining reaching out and stroking his soft white-blonde hair. Rain pounded down around him, and he was soaked to the skin. Cold evaded him, however, for nothing could end his pain at that moment.

“Hey,” he called over the incessant drumming of the rain. His voice was off, and my heart throbbed with sympathy as I strode over and sat beside him.

“Hey,” I whispered in his ear. “I’m sorry.” He tensed, and I took his hand, letting him lean into me.

“Not your fault,” he replied. “I… I should probably be used to it, by now.” There was a half beat of hesitation before he continued. “Thanks.”

“Anytime.” After some thought, I voiced a question that had been troubling me. “Why do you let them push you around like this? You could stop them.” Draco nodded.

“You’re right, I could. But I don’t.” He wouldn’t meet my eyes.

“Why?” My voice cracked, and a single tear mingled with the raindrops.

“I deserve this.” His voice was full of pain. “I deserved that, after everything I’ve done… I should be tortured.” I grabbed his shoulders and turned him to face me. He looked up, down, anywhere but me.

“Draco,” I murmured. Gray eyes found warm brown ones, and…

I kissed him.

It was fiercer than anything with Ron, more passionate. I could feel Draco’s longing, almost hunger, and I fed that. I stroked his hair, ran my fingertips along his jawline, pulled him closer. I followed every crazy impulse I’d had since that moment in the potions room, and I loved it. I wouldn’t stop until there wasn’t a breath left in my body, and only then did I pull away.

“Wow,” Draco breathed. “I mean, uh… wow.” He couldn’t seem to form a coherent sentence, maybe because I kept stroking his hair or running my fingertips along his strong jawline. Finally, he grabbed my hands, pulled them down, and looked me straight in the eyes. “Hermione…”

“Yeah?” I asked absentmindedly, trying to pull my hands away. He grabbed them again, and the look in his eyes made me stop.

“Why did you kiss me?” The seriousness in his tone surprised me.

“What?” I was absolutely befuddled.

“Why did you kiss me?” He repeated. Now he looked worried. “Because I don’t want to be a pity case, or a rebound fling, or-”

“Draco,” I cut him off, rubbing my thumbs in circles on his. “I kissed you because I’m tired of waiting around for happiness. I’m ready to make my own happiness. And you… Draco, you make me really, really happy.”

“You’re sure?” He still sounded dubious.

“I’m sure.” I pulled him close and our lips met as the rain poured down.

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Tears and Raindrops, Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Draco

“Hey, Ferret!” A nasal voice called over the crowd. I sighed and kept walking, head down and wand grasped in my clenched fist.

“Geez, Ferret, how rude. McCormick’s talking to you!” I gritted my teeth, and it took all my effort not to curse them right then and there. I held back, though, because I knew all they wanted was a reaction.

Five days ago, Hermione was stabbed. Two days ago, she woke up. Madam Pomfrey released her that morning. There she sat at the Gryffindor table, with Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil’s arms around her, while first years and seventh years alike clamored for attention and autographs from the ever-famous war hero.

“Ferret!” A harsh voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I sighed heavily and took my seat at the corner of the Slytherin table, my butt hanging off the edge of the bench. I was detested by all, understandably. I heard the sound of cracking knuckles from behind me and finally turned, as the inevitable began.

“Good morning, McCormick, Smith,” I stated in a clipped tone, nodding to each of them. They sneered in return.

“We’ve been thinking…” McCormick grunted.

“Well, that’s a first. Congratulations!” I blurted before I could stop myself. There was a low chorus of oohs, and several people laughed. Zacharias Smith actually growled at me. I almost felt bad for the guy. He was in my year, and even though he didn’t miss his seventh year, he had to repeat it, as he failed his N.E.W.T.s.

“You little brat,” he sneered. “We’re going to finally give you what you deserve.” I looked around desperately, but no one was coming to my aid. The teachers-even Headmistress McGonagall!-were turning a blind eye, figuring that I did deserve it. Honestly, I agreed with them.

“You tell ‘im, Smith,” McCormick grinned evilly, drawing his wand.

“Let’s do this.” Smith smirked as I was hit with a flash of blinding, white hot pain. Spots danced in front of my eyes as I yelled in agony, falling hard on the Great Hall’s stone floor. The pain relented momentarily, and I could see people rushing to get a good look at me, as though this was some kind of show for their enjoyment. However, some were beginning to look concerned. I saw Headmistress McGonagall rise, anxious, before a wave of nausea hit me.

“Stop, you jerks!” A voice shouted, loud and clear. I might have been able to place it if I hadn’t been enduring torture at that moment. Then a loud bang ripped through the hall, and the pain lifted as two bodies were blasted away from me. I opened my eyes to see Hermione Granger, wand still raised as she glared at McCormick and Smith.

I didn’t even stop to thank her before running out of the hall. I didn’t know where I was going. I just knew I was going, going, gone.

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Tears and Raindrops, Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Hermione

Bright light. Everywhere, all around me.

“Hermione, darling,” came a soft voice from beside me. I recognized it almost instantly.

“Grandma Naobi?” I mumbled confusedly, opening my eyes and rubbing them profusely. “But you’re dead.” And yet, she sat there in front of me, wearing one of her ridiculous fake bird hats along with a soft, pale blue dress. Her face had as many wrinkles as smile lines, and her brown eyes twinkled as she gazed down at me. “Unless you’re not?”

“Oh, I’m dead. But you’re, well… you’re stuck in between, you see.” She twiddled her thumbs uncomfortably.

“Between what?” I had never been so befuddled in all my life.

“Between life and death. Now it’s time to make a choice.” Grandma Naobi grabbed my hands pulled me into a gentle sitting position. We were in her bedroom, with the faded floral wallpaper, and I was lying in her enormous canopy bed.

“A choice.” I repeated, still observing my surroundings. This must be a dream, brought on by… by what? Then I remembered it all. The knife, Rodolphus Lestrange… “Malfoy,” I breathed. Grandma Naobi smiled.

“Oh, you hold onto that one, honey. He’s a good egg.” I shook my head, my vision still foggy at the corners.

“But Grandma, he was so mean!” I cried out. She clucked her tongue at me.

“Honey, can’t you see? He’s changed. And he likes you, that boy. I’ve been watching you two, and I can tell.” Grandma Naobi smiled fondly at me.

“Malfoy likes me?” I wondered, shocked. She laughed.

“It’s so obvious!” Then she turned to smile fondly at me. “What about you, dear? Do you feel the same way?” I ignored that question, instead returning to something she had said earlier.

“You said I had to make a choice. What choice?” I asked curiously. Grandma Naobi laughed again.

“You and your questions.” When she didn’t continue, I gestured for her to go on. “You must choose between life and death. You’re in the middle right now. It could go one way or the other.” She watched my face carefully as she said these words, but honestly, I had kind of been expecting it.

“Life and death.” I repeated dully. I thought of dying. It had always seemed so horrible, but sitting there with Grandma Naobi, it sounded tempting. I could see Fred, Remus, Tonks, Dumbledore, and Grandpa Jack again, and spend hours with Grandma Naobi, like I had when I was little. Then I thought of Malfoy, and my stomach twisted. How could I leave him?

“What’s Malfoy doing right now?” I asked her. Grandma Naobi’s eyes glinted, but her face was serious.

“He’s sitting by your bedside, refusing to go to class or eat anything. He’s crying,” she responded tenderly. Tears filled my eyes, but I brushed them away and grabbed Grandma Naobi in a hug.

“I love you,” I whispered in her ear. Then- “I choose life.” Tears sprang to both of our eyes, but we didn’t bother suppressing them.

“I knew you would,” she told me. “Stay strong, my brave, beautiful girl. I love you!” As I was being pulled back to the present by feathers of light, I heard her call out, “You keep that boy! He’s a good one.”

“I will, Grandma Naobi,” I whispered. “Believe me, I will.”

My eyelids fluttered open, and I glanced around the hospital wing in a panic. Where was he? And what was that horrible, aching pain, filling my everything?

“Hermione!” Draco gasped, sounding like a starving man who had just been led to a feast. “You’re alive!” It wasn’t until later that I realized he’d called me Hermione instead of Granger, and that I’d thought of him as Draco. I tried to speak, but it just came out as croaky rasps. Draco put a finger to my lips, gently shushing me, and I could see that his grey eyes were sparkling with tears. He quickly wiped them away, blushing. Finally, I managed an answer.

“Of course I’m alive, dummy,” I croaked. “It’s no surprise you weren’t in Ravenclaw.” Draco laughed, a sound of pure joy as he gazed upon my smiling, living face. Madam Pomfrey bustled over, looking ever so relieved.

“Ah, Miss Granger! You’re awake. Good, good,” she murmured happily. I could see the worry in her face ease as she performed a few spells on me to heal my deep wounds even more, then fed me a small cup of medicine. It was revolting, but it did ease the pain slightly. Draco held my hand the whole. If Madam Pomfrey noticed, she didn’t say anything, but she did press her lips into a thin line. Then Headmistress McGonagall strode in, looking quite pleased to see me awake. Her eyes fell on Draco’s hand in mine, and her jaw tightened ever so slightly.

“Good to see you awake, Miss Granger.” The Headmistress offered me a rare smile. “However, now that you are awake, I’m must insist that Mister Malfoy return to his classes.

“Oh, please, Professor. Can he stay a little longer?” McGonagall raised an eyebrow. “Just till the end of today’s classes,” I pleaded. Finally, she nodded.

“Alright. But then, he leaves. You need your rest.” She glanced at our clasped hands one more time, and I could’ve sworn I saw her smile as she strode out of the room. I instantly turned to Draco.

“Thank you. For everything,” I murmured.

“I didn’t do anything,” he responded bashfully.

“Yes, you did.” I smiled softly at him. Even though it hurt to smile, the look on his face was worth it.

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