All Alone in This World (Chapter 10)

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Chapter 10

    When I got home, I just stared at the fancy decked wall. I, was done. Just, done. But I knew I couldn’t be done, because then, I wouldn’t be keeping my promise to Lilias, dead Lilias.

    I couldn’t stay here residing in luxury. It, was time, to act. I armed myself with a heavy staff, from nature. I was so upset, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that whatever I was doing, I wasn’t staying here.

    I changed out of my mourning clothes, and put on the clothes I had worn first to the orphanage. A grey loose shirt and a pair of nice jeans. I even clipped on a pair of diamond earrings and put on one little delicate chain. It had been my mother’s. Then, I brush my hair loosely braided it. I dressed in deerskin boots, and I decided I was set. I didn’t know when I would return, and I could hardly care. Then, using a ladder, I climbed down from the mansion and crept away. Perhaps never to return.

~ ~

     I was not up to this journey. I was tired, and hungry too. I was so hurt, so angry, I didn’t know what I was doing. Maybe I was going crazy. Then, I spent my first night in the woods. But in the middle of my slumber, I was disturbed by a little, cold, sharp thing next to my throat. My eyes fluttered open. It was…my father.

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All Alone in This World (Chapter 9)

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Chapter 9

       I was in shock; my new father’s home was huge. It was probably six normal sized houses all put together. For one man. I put my hand to my heart. Lilias would have loved this place. The thought of Lilias made me tearful. I had to avenge her. I just had to, or everything, would be lost.

      I had to avenge all my family, all my friends, but I just hoped, that that person wouldn’t get any ideas about me first. I was still sure that whoever he was, he was intentionally killing my kin, and I had to find out two things; who and why.

    I was escorted out of the car and into the house. I was led to a huge room the size of a small house, and five maids appear to help me to undress out of my dusty and bloody silk dress and I dress in a silk bathrobe. I took a bath, and I felt much better.

    Then, they dressed in a black morning gown. The short sleeves were lace. They even adorned me with a white pearl choker necklace and pearl earrings. They put black silk slippers on my feet decked with little pearl diamonds on the toe. I had never felt so extravagant in my life.

     My hair with curled and put up in a bun, dressed with a pearl pin. A veil of black lace covered my face, and I had black gloves. It was a very sober event, as I, in my new array and feeling very strange, exited my room. If it could be called a room.

    A white flower was put in my hand, and we were driven to the funeral, which had been arranged in the three hours that I was dressed up. Surprisingly fast, but after all, my new father was an excessively rich man.

   Somber music played as Lilias’s body was carried in. The minister uttered a sermon, and several people wept. I didn’t, I only looked grim. Then, we scattered the dirt. Then, my tears fell like rain, and made the dirt mud. I placed my rose on her grave and whispered,

      “Goodbye, Lilias, the greatest friend I ever had. I promise, I’ll avenge you.”

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All Alone in This World Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

       I recalled those gloves. Rather fancy. The hands in those black gloves had pulled the trigger that killed everyone that I ever knew. Now I knew that they were all connected. Then a terrifying thought ran through me. What if was the next target? I shuddered at the thought, but somehow I doubted it. If the person was targeting my family, why had he – or she – killed Lilias? I swallowed at the thought of dead Lilias. How could it be?

      I thought that maybe there were more connections. More connections that would help me find out who the killer was. I was sure by now that whoever the murderer was, the murderer was trying to hurt me. But why? I gritted my teeth. How was I going to solve this? I had no experience with mysteries, I was no detective, it wasn’t like all of a sudden I was going to be genius and discover the murder and get him arrested and be crowned as a hero. No, life didn’t really work that way.

      I racked my brain for more connections, more clues, more anything! I suddenly had a vision of the killer’s person. Tall, slim, and it was a he. My new father was tall and slim. But I knew that he wasn’t the killer because he had no motive. I just knew that he wasn’t the killer. There were many tall and slim men in the world. I just had to find the right one.

        I remembered Lilias’s story about Adrianna. Was she related to any of this? But I had never even seen her! But maybe I had. Maybe, although I didn’t know it now, I really had seen Adrianna once upon a time. Could I have? But that was impossible. Nowhere in my memory was a girl like Adrianna. I was happy with my new clues, but I wouldn’t be satisified until I had the killer behind the bars. Or even better – killed.

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All Alone in This World

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Chapter 7

         “What happened?” cried Mr. Robertstad, bending over Lilias’s bleeding body.

          I was at loss for words. A choking feeling that was rising from my heart and making it’s way to my throat prevented my speech. I coughed, but it did no good. The lump that was in my throat grew bigger and bigger. I wanted to cry so much, but I couldn’t. No tears would squeeze out, no matter how hard I tried.

           At last we drove off. Lilias’s body was still there. We were bringing her back and we were going to give her a proper burial. I was still shocked. Memories were whizzing through my head. My mother, my father, my aunt, Lilias. Memories of them flashed in my eyes. Death. I saw them die, one by one. I closed my eyes, but the memories kept on going.

        I took a deep shuddery breath, forcing the memories to stop. But one raging thought kept on pounding in my mind. I would find out who had done this to my family and my friends. I would find out, and I wouldn’t let them get away with this murder.

I started with my parents and I thought. Shot. My mother and father had been shot when I had my second birthday. It was a pistol, and then I moved on to Aunt Danielle. She too was shot, with a bullet that was identified as one from a pistol. Lilias was also shot by a pistol. I began to think. They were all shot with the same weapon, was that a connection?

I knew that many people used pistols, but I couldn’t shake the feeling off that there was a connection. As I thought about the connection, I suddenly thought of another. Black. Silk. Gloves.


All Alone in This World

Chapter 6

         Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Time dragged by and it was impossible to sleep with the pain of remembering that I, after all, had nobody, nobody at all. But at least I had Lilias by my side. Our friendship flourished and we became intimate friends. One day, we were brought the news that we were adopted. Both of us, together.

       “A young single man,” Mrs. Weston told us. “Very distinguished, you’ll have a good life, both of you. Now hurry up and get on some fine clothing!”

        She tossed us two silky dresses, one lavender and one periwinkle. After we were all dressed up, we were escorted downstairs to a fancy limousine. We were informed that our new father, Mr. Robertstad, would not be in for a little while, but would soon be here so we could go to our new home. Our chauffeur opened the door for us, and we excitedly took our seats. Several minutes passed when we heard a yell. I turned around in a flash, and the chauffeur jumped. Then I saw a horrible gun pointing out of a bush, it aimed, a gunshot snapped in the air and the next thing I knew, Lilias was bleeding in the seat beside me.

      “No,” I whispered. “No, no, no, NO! It’s not true, it can’t be. Please, please no.”

      The chauffeur didn’t say anything, it was not his place. Just then, a young man in a tuxedo and looking very wealthy stepped out of the orphanage and exclaimed,

       “Hello girls! I’m your-” he stopped abruptly when he saw the bleeding body beside me.

      “E-excuse me,” he faltered. “I-I, no! Is-is she alive?’

     He looked so heart-broken that I felt sorry for him. But what did he know about being heartbroken? I had no one, he at least had his servants. Not a member of my family was left, and now none of my friends. Lilias had been one my supporter when I had been depressed at the orphanage, and now she too was gone. I laid my head in my arms but I couldn’t cry. The lump in my throat was too large for that. Lilias had been my sister, but nobody part of my family could ever live. I guess that was true with Lilias too. I guess.

All Alone in This World

d        Yeah, I was so hyped with Lilias’s last sentence I really couldn’t wait to write her back story! I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5

        I stared at Lilias in astonishment. I didn’t really know what to think of this whole experience. My aunt was murdered. I was brought to an orphanage. I was okay with an orphanage, especially one so prestigious, I would rather not be in an orphanage, I wished desperately that I had a family, but then I got a roommate with a murderous sister? Things might have turned for better or worse.

         “Her name was Adriana,” continued Lilias. “She was always loving and kind,” Lilias’s voice faltered. “Until that one day when she murdered my mom and dad. They were both away and Adriana was babysitting me. We were having a lovely time, although Adriana seemed awfully worried. She kept looking around her and wringing her hands. But I never expected much, until my mother and father came home.

        “Then she grabbed a gun from her pocket. She was pale and shaking. Tears were running down her face. She was sobbing as she pulled the trigger. Twice. I was screaming and sobbing. She turned to me. Her eyes were pleading. ‘Run, Lilias.’ She whispered. ‘Run.’

        “They tried to track her but with no success. I was thought of as an orphan and all alone. So I was brought here. But I never forgot the look in Adriana’s eyes. It was horrible! They were tearful and haunting. She didn’t want to do it, I know that she didn’t! But somebody made her do it, Stella, somebody made her. I just know that she wasn’t up to it. I just know it.”

       I was silent. I couldn’t think of something to say. What a tragedy.

      “I’m all alone too,” I choked up. “My parents were killed and I never knew how. Then my grandparents were killed. All my aunts and uncles and cousins and friends until I went to my Aunt Danielle. Then she was shot. Somebody did this to me. And I’m finding out who!” My voice grew louder as my passion grew stronger. “I HAVE NO ONE! NO ONE! I’m all alone in this world. All alone.”

        “I have grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends,” sighed Lilias. “But nobody wanted to take me. I think they were all afraid I would take after Adriana and murder them in their beds. But I’m in contact with most of them. We write and call. I’m sorry, Stella. I’m really sorry.”

        How I was to hold on to Lilias in those trying days, but she couldn’t be my support for long. Not long at all.

All Alone in This World

         Chapter 4

         Mrs. Weston led me into a grand hall with lots of paintings. We took a turn and went up the stairs where I admired all the fine tapestries. I was ashamed of myself for not putting on more fancy apparel. But that was soon taken care of. I was led to the eighth-grade dormitory of the girls’ floor where I found to my surprise, Miss Carla Carlos! How had she gotten there?

         “Miss Carlos,” explained Mrs. Weston. “Is the head of the eighth grade girls’ dormitory. She is also their teacher, as you know, and you are expected to listen to her every word. She will show you everything. Good day, Miss Stella.”

           With that, Mrs. Weston left. Miss Carla grinned.

           “You should get a uniform,” she advised. “Have you brought anything?”

            I had not thought anything I had worth packing, except for a heavy golden locket with pictures of my family and relations inside.

            “No,” I replied.

             “Then you will be sharing a room with Lilias,” decided Miss Carla. “In here, please.”

             Apparently, the room we had just entered was the main office of the eighth grade girls’ dormitory. I was led to an extravagant crimson room with two big loft beds, four large mahogany desks, many silk curtains, beautiful sparkling glass windows, many silky rugs and carpets, loads of shelves and drawers, lots of nooks and crannies, and best of all, a little balcony above with a rope ladder where the girl called Lilias stood.

            “This is your uniform,” Miss Carla explained, handing me some clothes. “Lilias will show you everything else.”

            Then she too left.

             “Hi!” grinned Lilias, who had sunny golden hair and jade eyes.

             She was dressed in a velvet maroon blouse with a long black bow reaching down to her hips, a long silk black skirt and smart maroon flats. She was wearing a black pearl choker necklace, and she beamed with pleasure at having me. Yes, she was very good-looking.

             “Hi,” I replied. “Where can I change?”

              “Follow me,” Lilias told me.

              She led me to a little room with a heavy mahogany door and I slipped inside. I found that my outfit was much like Lilias’s, only I had a dark green blouse and  dark green shoes. I opened the door and searched for Lilias who had evidently disappeared.

           She was perched on the loft bed, as I found out and I climbed up the ladder to rest in my own bed.

            “What’s your story?” I asked.

            “My parents were murdered in front of my eyes last year,” Lilias replied calmly. “By my older sister.”

All Alone in This World

      Welcome back to All Alone in This World! Stella’s world has fallen to pieces around her ears, and she finds that she must go to the dreaded orphanage! I know that some of phases don’t make sense, sweetly sassy, seriously Enni?!? but nevertheless, let’s begin!

Chapter 3

         It was one week later, and I was sent to Weston Orphanage. I was told that the orphanage was nice, so I had to dress in something other than street clothes. I combed my wavy light brown hair with little blonde glints. I dressed in a flowing grey shirt that I saved for special occasions and my best jeans which I never wore on normal days. I put on black flats and glanced at my appearance in the mirror. My hazel eyes looked sober, my pale lips trembled slightly, my skin was much paler than my normal fair tone, and my very freckles, seemed very slight in my white condition. I suddenly ran out of the house, dashed up the grassy hill beside my house, and hugged my knees to my chest. How could have this happened? How, could it be, that just the other day I was climbing up a tree eating an apple with hysterical Aunt Danielle shrieking at me? One single tear slid down my face. It’s brothers and sisters followed. It’s cousins and aunts and uncles fell from the other eyes. It’s grandparents were right behind it. I buried my head in my knees and sobbed as if my heart would break.

          A person came to pick me up to go to the orphanage a little while later when I had wiped my tears and made myself presentable again. It was the eighth grade teacher, my teacher. She had mocking, innocent red mouth, a sharp nose (nevertheless handsome), piercing blue eyes, and a cloud of titan hair which was not done in any style. She was dressed in a smart peacock blue button-up blouse, a khaki pencil skirt, blue heels, diamond drop earrings, and she had on makeup. I was not educated in the terms of makeup, but I assumed she was wearing foundation, blush, mascara and obviously, bright red lipstick.  She was obviously young, around her twenties, and I did not know what to make of her.

         “Are you the new orphan?” she asked, and her voice sounded sweetly sassy.

         “Yes,” I replied sharply.

          “I’m Miss Carla Carlos, who are you?”

           I decided that she must be  a rebel against the headmistress, Ms. Weston, a very conservative, orderly, polite woman. Her attitude! Yet, I didn’t dislike her.

          “Stella Curtis,” I replied.

          “Oh of course,” Miss Carla suddenly giggled in a sappy tone. “I suppose I must drop a curtsy, perhaps I must be curt, but meanwhile, I must maintain some Curtisy, or courtesy.”

          I looked wry at these dry puns. I hopped into Miss Carla’s car, and we headed to Weston Orphanage.

          A straight, tall, middle-aged woman with brown hair and a stern face, greeted us. I assumed immediately that she must Mrs. Weston, and I was right.

         “You must be Stella Curtis,” she said. “Come in. We’ve been waiting.”

All Alone in This World

Chapter 2

           I stopped mid-flip which caused me to tumble down. I was sore all over but I did not care. What had happened? My stomach somersaulted. Had, no, it couldn’t be! But had anything happened to Aunt Danielle? My feet flew inside and up the stairs. I ran to Aunt Danielle and screamed. There lay my loving Aunt Danielle lying on the bed, and the sheets were soaked with blood.

         “Aunt Danielle!” I sobbed, trying to find her pulse, but failing. “No, no, Aunt Danielle! Please, no!”

          But it was too late – Aunt Danielle’s spirit had departed into Heaven, but she had left me all alone. I had no family, no relation, no friends. But I reached the phone with my hands shaking violently and called the police.

         In a little bit, sirens howled and the police began to investigate. I was called as a witness, even though I had not witnessed anything.

        “Did you see anything?” a police officer interrogated me.

        “No,” I whispered, tears streaming down my face. “I was playing in my backyard, when I heard a gunshot. I ran to my aunt but she was already dead.”

        “Listen, miss,” said the police officer gently. “I know this is a big shock and sorrow, but we’ll have to put you in an orphanage.”

        My heart sank. An orphanage? I couldn’t stand the thought. If only I had been with Aunt Danielle. If only. Then perhaps this wouldn’t have happened. But, who would have dreamed of this tragedy? My throat tightened as tears dribbled down my face. I was alone. And I was going to an orphanage. My whole world had turned upside-down.

All Alone in This World

        Hello! Today I decided to start on my first story on here, called All Alone in This World. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

      It had happened so soon. Too soon. I had never expected in my wildest dreams that my dear aunt would just… be gone. But I didn’t know that it would happen. I didn’t expect it. Because you don’t expect the worst possible things that can happen to you. Ever.

~ ~ 

      I climbed up a tree and wolfed down my apple there. I felt satisfied as I breathed in the warm August air – life wasn’t perfect what with Nicole and her gang, and my recent attack of stomach flu, but that, (except Nicole and her gang) was in the past and I was now healthy with the occasional stomachache. A fretful high voice entered my world of thought and I, caught off guard, nearly jumped out out the tree.

      “Stella! Stella! Stella Abigail Curtis!!” shrieked my tiny Aunt Danielle, trying to run to the tree which I occupied. “Oh Stella! You nearly gave me a heart attack!! Stella, Stella, please darling, climb down!! I simply can’t let you kill yourself like this! It’s too dreadful! Oh Stella!” she wailed.

      Aunt Danielle was my over-dramatic, frail, tiny, beautiful, scared aunt. After my parents had died, eleven years ago when I was two, she had been the only known relative to me and had taken me in. Now I was thriving under Aunt Danielle’s tender care and was strong and sometimes, sometimes a little sassy.

       But I obliging climbed down and headed to the house with Aunt Danielle.

       “I’m a little tired,” yawned Aunt Danielle. “I think I’ll go take a nap. Be good Stella, and don’t do anything dangerous, all right Stella?”

       “All right, Aunt Danielle,” I sighed.

      Aunt Danielle headed upstairs to bed and I amused myself by turning cartwheels and flips in the backyard. When suddenly, I heard a scream and a gunshot.