Over the Mountains Chapter 1

          Hi, guys! Sorry for the delay in posting this; I mean, honestly, it’s been a long, long, long time. But I was REALLY busy and I was on vacation a lot soo…:/. But, there’s no time like the present! So behold the very first chapter of…Over the Mountains.

Chapter 1

We had always been together, until one day. That one fatal day when everything changed. How I missed her, how much pain raged through my body every day thinking about my sister. My dear sister who had always been with me no matter what. Azania.

Ever since my sister’s capture, I was always shut up inside my home, and I never knew what went on in the outside world. I never knew what horrible things the people of Winterspell faced. Winterspell was the oldest kingdom in Westwyren Empire, yet I knew so little about it.

“Isania!” I heard my mother’s voice, ringing out sharply. “Where are you?”

Morasia and I both stood. Morasia was my bodyguard, and she was always with me day and night which could be very inconvenient. She was tall and lean, with violet-blue eyes and hair black as the night. She was skilled with magic and tried to teach me the art of enchanting. I did not care much for those things, I preferred to star in physical defense.

I scurried down the stairs, and Morasia followed. I bowed in front of my mother, sitting erect on her throne.

“Hello, daughter,” she said, her blue eyes boring into my brown ones. “I see that you have woken at last. I want to give you something.”

This was a surprise. My mother never gave me anything. She was a cold, unrelenting queen. She motioned with her hands, and a handsome hawk appeared. It stood erect, surveying the scene with its black eyes.

“This hawk will defend you,” my mother informed me. “It will serve you, but you must serve it. You have my permission to go.”

The hawk rested on my shoulder. But I didn’t think too much about the hawk. I only thought about my sister. She was my twin. Same brown hair, same brown eyes, and same inquisitive spirit. But she had never let rules or mother get in the way. Unlike me. She had the spunk and spirit that I never had, and she could stand up to mother. I couldn’t. I was too weak and I hated myself for it.

Azania’s capture haunted me. I longed for her, everyday and every night. Could I let her suffer out there while I lived in luxury? Determination suddenly sparked through me. No, no, that wouldn’t do. I had to go out and find her. I had to find my sister at all costs. She had always been there for me, for ten long years, I couldn’t not do my duty.

“Morasia,” I said, resting on my sofa. “I have to tell you something. Come here.”

Morasia ran to my aid, kneeling down beside me. “I want to find Azania,” I told her. “I want to bring her back. I don’t want to wait anymore.”

“I see, highness,” Morasia nodded. “Do you want me to use my powers to help you in your quest?”

This wasn’t expected, but any help was welcome at this point.

“Yes, Morasia,” I replied. “Any help is welcome. What do you see?”

Morasia shook her head.

“Princess,” she said. “I see an impossible journey. Danger lurks in your path. It will not be safe. For you must go to the forbidden city of Westerlight. No soul is allowed entrance, it is prohibited.”

“What?” I managed to gasp out. “Surely there must be a way. Morasia, my twin sister missing of five years is in that forbidden city. There is a way, there has to be, Morasia. Don’t you

understand? You once had a sister lost too, please, Morasia, don’t let her be lost forever. Please.”

“It will be a hard journey,” said Morasia slowly. “I cannot accompany you. Only people seeking things in Westerlight can even go on the journey. I would not be allowed to go on the journey with you, much less than enter Westerlight. Thus, you must be alone.”

“Anything for Azania,” I whispered. “I will go alone. Help, me, Morasia.”

Morasia sprang at the opportunity to prepare me for the long journey ahead of me. She made me put on a new black tunic and leggings, then she washed my brown fur vest and made me put it on again. She braided my hair, sticking a feather in it, and helped me pull on a pair of brown ankle boots. I decided not to bring my hawk, I didn’t want to bother.

“Shall I need weapons?” I asked.

“There are three ways of combat,” said Morasia slowly. “Weapons, magic, and physical. You have not been trained in weaponry or magic, therefore you must fight using physical blows. Everything is a weapon, Isania. Learn that.”

I nodded, hardly believing I was actually doing this. Morasia let down a rope and held it while I climbed down from my bedroom. I landed in the snow, more flakes floating down still. Yet I did not feel the cold winter air. It was always winter here. I saw one slender white hand wave from the window. It was Morasia. I swallowed and raised my hand in return. Then, I turned, ready to begin, not knowing whether I would ever return or not.

It was a blizzarding day. Even I, born and raised in Winterspell, felt the cold and shivered. Morasia had not given me a map. She told me the only way people could get to Westerlight was to follow instinct. People who had the instinct could get there easily enough, it was the getting in part that was difficult.

Instinct told me to go to Springmarsh. I headed east, bracing myself against the cold wind. Suddenly, I saw a green glow in the distance. That must be Springmarsh. I trudged on in the knee-deep snow, not going very quickly. Finally, I could make out a kingdom. Closer and closer we came. Suddenly, there was a blast of warm air, and finally, we were in Springmarsh.

I felt immediately out of place. Everyone, there was wearing light, colorful clothes. They all stared at me, and I heard them whisper something about, “That princess from Winterspell. Isania is her name?”

I hurried through Springmarsh. It took a long while to pass through the kingdom, but at last, I was out of there. Next, I had to go to Shadowglass. It was several miles from Springmarsh, but I was determined to walk on.

The moment I was out of Springmarsh, I was surrounded still by sunny breezes and blue skies. For that was what the weather of Springmarsh always was. With the occasional rain. I was already thoroughly exhausted, having already walked sixteen miles. I saw a purple light, and I ran towards it, almost swift as a hawk.

I wasn’t exactly in place with them, either. I collided into a girl with black hair and purple eyes. She had a quiver of arrows and a bow. She had a diamond double ear piercing, and she was a dress in a strapless short black dress, tall black boots, and arm cuffs. Her hair was partly up in a bun, long black feathers sticking out of it, but the rest was down.

“Who are you?” I demanded.

“Only the guardian of Shadowglass,” retorted the girl. “I might ask the same question to you, winter girl.”

“I am Princess Isania of Winterspell,” I said, trying to be haughty and failing. “I am on a mission to Westerlight. So there.”

“I am going there too,” protested the girl. “I don’t believe this.”

“We should accompany each other,” I told her. “We might not have started off well, but since we’re going to the same destination, it would be convenient.”

“All right then,” said the girl. “I suppose then that you should know my name. Echo.”

So, she joined me. We exited Shadowglass and entered Crystalhollow. It was a nice place, so we went to the local inn and got two separate rooms. Echo stayed in one and I in the other.

“Why are you going to Westerlight?” she asked me in the morning. “I am going there to find my destiny. I have been told by an enchantress that my destiny lies not in Shadowglass, but in Westerlight. ”

“My twin sister Azania was captured five years ago,” I said. “I was given hint that she was in Westerlight by my bodyguard’s magic. I have come to find her and bring her back to Winterspell. But my mother does not know. She doesn’t care for anything but her title, and this would surely destroy mine.”

“Interesting,” sniffed Echo. “We have to go to Fallshore today. It isn’t so friendly. We will have to spend the night out in the woods, which I am sure is impossible for you, princess Isania.”

“Oh, stop it,” I snapped. “I’m not all that snobby. I can spend the night in the woods any day. Don’t forget that I come from Winterspell. It is famed for its warriors. Remember that, Echo.”

“Hmph,” Echo sniffed again. “I’m not so sure about that. I’ve always heard the Winterspell was known for their magic too, but looking at you, I doubt the truth in that. You can’t do a single spell, not even opening doors without using your hands.”

“If I didn’t know better, then I would challenge you to a battle of physical combat,” I told her. “Winterspell is ALSO known for wits, and I can hardly say that that is incorrect. But of course, I must not contradict the sly Shadowglassers. Right, Echo?”

Echo looked absolutely outraged. She did not enjoy losing. Sore sport. We were in silence until we reached Fallshore. We camped out in the woods, using the few supplies we had.

It was midnight, I was sound asleep and so was Echo. Suddenly, there was a thud on the ground. I woke up and noticed a shadow creeping about. It wasn’t Echo. Who was it then? The shadow crept closer, and I became more fearful. I rose, trying to remain invisible and crept behind the shadow. Then I jumped on it.

        Sorry that it’s so long! I wrote all of it beforehand, so I don’t really know why I didn’t post this earlier since all I had to do was copy and paste? But I did so that’s that. :P. Well, this is my first chapter and I hope that you enjoyed!



Over the Mountains {Character Intros}

         I’m rewriting the character profiles because I was thinking it over, and a lot of stuff actually changes. Sorry about that! 😬

Over the Mountains



Princess Isania of Winterspell

Name: Isania

Age: 15

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Warrior/princess

Fight style: Physical combat

Clothes: Short black dress, black leggings, brown fur vest, brown ankle boots

Hair: Brown in a braid with a white feather

Eyes: Brown/dark gray

Personality: Quiet, loyal, determined

Backstory: Isania’s sister Azania was kidnapped at 10 years old. Defying her mother, Isania teams up with Echo and Tyrond, going to find her, after receiving a hint that she is in the forbidden city of Westerlight.

fantasy warrior wallpaper hd-4.jpg

Guardian Echo of Shadowglass

Name: Echo

Age: 15

Kingdom: Shadowglass

Profession: Guardian/Warrior

Fight style: Weaponry

Clothes: Short strapless black leather dress, black boots, black arm cuffs

Hair: Black partial-bun with feathers

Eyes: Violet

Personality: Defensive, aggressive, challenging

Backstory: Told that she is not supposed to be a guardian, but must find another destiny in Westerlight, Echo goes to Westerlight, and runs into Isania and Tyrond on the way, eventually befriending them.

half_elf_druid (1).jpg

Student Tyrond

Name: Tyrond

Age: 15

Kingdom: Fallshore

Profession: Student in magic

Fight style: Enchantments

Clothes: Green shirt, black pants, brown arm cuffs, white fur vest

Hair: Spiky blue-black

Personality: Quiet, nervous, anxious

Backstory: After being diagnosed with a deadly disease, he is told that his only cure will be in Westerlight. On the way, he finds Isania and Echo who accompany him.

th (8)

Enchantress Morasia

Name: Morasia

Age: Unknown

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Enchantress/bodyguard

Fight style: Magic

Clothes: Blue velvet cloak, black dress

Hair: Changes

Personality: Mysterious, calm, composed

Backstory: Morasia serves as Isania’s bodyguard and tells her where Azania will be found. No further information will be given because of spoilers


Queen Clarion of Winterspell

Name: Clarion

Age: Unknown

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Queen

Fight style: Mental combat

Clothes: Crimson and white robes

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Pale silver

Personality: Cold, reserved, intelligent

Backstory: Queen Clarion is a cold woman, who wins over her enemies just by looking at them and messing with their mind. She cares only about her title. Further information will be given in the story.


Princess Azania of Winterspell

Name: Azania

Age: 15

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Captive/princess

Fight style: Physical combat

Clothes: Chestnut dress with dust brown lining. Golden arm cuffs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown/gray

Personality: Swift, fierce, protective

Backstory: Azania was kidnapped at age 10 by Westerlighters. She is held in Westerlight until her sister comes to rescue her leading to the Battle of WesterLight. Further information will be given in the story.






All Alone in This World (Finale) + Sneak-Peek to New Story!

           *Sniffle* All Alone in This World has finally ended. Well, it’s a bit of a relief actually, because now I can work on my new story!

Chapter 12

        Adrianna and I became sisters. We now lived together in a small house, ready for anything. Everything was over. My evil uncle was gone. Now, I could rest in peace without worry of murder.

      I used to be all alone in this world. I used to have nobody. Everybody was always taken away from me. But that would never happen again. For the cruelty was over, and now, I could have a peaceful life.

          I’m sorry it’s so short! But I didn’t really have anything else to write about. Now introducing…

Over the Mountains.png

Over the Mountains. Isania’s mother Clarion is the queen of Winterspell, and it’s not an easy title. After learning that her long lost twin Azania may be in the forbidden city of Westwyren, Isania sets out to find her. Queen Clarion knows that it will ruin her title, attempting to stop her. But Isania just wants her twin. Queen Clarion is found to be following Isania, afraid of her getting into danger. Little does she know that she only increases the peril…

         Here are the characters:



Isania is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Queen Clarion of Winterspell. She is gentle, quiet, determined, quick, and intelligent.

Queen Clarion


Queen Clarion cares about two things: her title and her daughters. She is overprotective, forbidding, calm, and serious.



Azania is Isania’s long-lost twin sister. She is known to be fierce, rash, hot-tempered, defensive, and strategical.

              Does it sound awesome?? I cannot wait to get started on it! Like it if you can’t wait, and comment if you like it!


All Alone in This World Chapter 11

     Well, so much for that idea. Sorry, I was on vacation and I didn’t come back until late night. 😬. So a big apology for that!!

Chapter 11

      “What are you doing?” I gasped. “I thought you were good. Why are you doing this? Who are you? What are you doing to me? I believed in you. I thought that I had found a family at last. Who are you. What are you doing.”

       “I suppose that you want to know everything,” growled my “father.” “I killed everyone. All of your beloved. Every single one of them.”

       Shock ran through my body. Him? I had never seen him in my life!

       “I am your uncle,” he continued. “Ever since you were born I hated you. I hated you because I knew you were powerful. You had a slow temper, innocent. I knew that one day, you would get rid of me because of the way I treated your father. Horribly.

      “He would have told you, then what would I have done? So I killed them all off, so that nobody could ever tell you of the horrible things I had done and of you. I spared you however, but now I have decided to stop. Adrianna, she loved Lilias. But she had to kill her parents because I told her that I myself would kill Lilias if she didn’t. She didn’t want to.

      “I made her however, I hired her because otherwise I would do away with Lilias. But at the last moment, she rebelled. She couldn’t keep up helping me, she was too innocent. So I had to kill Lilias. Now nobody knows where she is.

      I struggled for breath, the dagger was nearing.

      “Let her go,” a quiet voice said. “I am done serving you, Roscoe. You might have killed my sister, but I still cannot serve you. You terrified me. You told me horrible, morbid things. I had no choice. You destroyed me.”

       I saw out of the corner of my eye, an older girl, tall, dressed in a white dress. Her hair lay in waves. It was the color of the sun. She looked liked Lilias. The thought of Lilias hurt me. But Adrianna, she could be my hope. My only hope.

       “Go, Adrianna,” snarled Roscoe. “Do you want me to kill you too?”

      “I would rather than you kill that innocent girl!” cried Adrianna. “It was your own fault for doing those unforgivable things. It was your own fault. You shouldn’t take it out on her. Let her go.”

       Roscoe had loosened his grip and I sprang, snatching the dagger away. But I was no expert. He soon had me again, tighter. I didn’t see Adrianna anywhere. Had she actually abandoned me now? Suddenly Roscoe roared. I turned to see what was going on. Then he fell dead to the ground.

       Adrianna breathed hard.

     “Stella,” she gasped. “Let’s go home.”

Did you enjoy? Hope you did!


All Alone in This World (Chapter 10)

       I’m going to be more consisting in this from now on, how does posting a chapter every Sunday sound, good? Well, the story’s sorta dragging, so I’m going to pick it up a bit! Are you bored with it? Because most of my faithful commenters have disappeared. 😉

Chapter 10

    When I got home, I just stared at the fancy decked wall. I, was done. Just, done. But I knew I couldn’t be done, because then, I wouldn’t be keeping my promise to Lilias, dead Lilias.

    I couldn’t stay here residing in luxury. It, was time, to act. I armed myself with a heavy staff, from nature. I was so upset, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that whatever I was doing, I wasn’t staying here.

    I changed out of my mourning clothes, and put on the clothes I had worn first to the orphanage. A grey loose shirt and a pair of nice jeans. I even clipped on a pair of diamond earrings and put on one little delicate chain. It had been my mother’s. Then, I brush my hair loosely braided it. I dressed in deerskin boots, and I decided I was set. I didn’t know when I would return, and I could hardly care. Then, using a ladder, I climbed down from the mansion and crept away. Perhaps never to return.

~ ~

     I was not up to this journey. I was tired, and hungry too. I was so hurt, so angry, I didn’t know what I was doing. Maybe I was going crazy. Then, I spent my first night in the woods. But in the middle of my slumber, I was disturbed by a little, cold, sharp thing next to my throat. My eyes fluttered open. It was…my father.

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All Alone in This World (Chapter 9)

       I’m really sorry for the holdup! But well, here you go:

Chapter 9

       I was in shock; my new father’s home was huge. It was probably six normal sized houses all put together. For one man. I put my hand to my heart. Lilias would have loved this place. The thought of Lilias made me tearful. I had to avenge her. I just had to, or everything, would be lost.

      I had to avenge all my family, all my friends, but I just hoped, that that person wouldn’t get any ideas about me first. I was still sure that whoever he was, he was intentionally killing my kin, and I had to find out two things; who and why.

    I was escorted out of the car and into the house. I was led to a huge room the size of a small house, and five maids appear to help me to undress out of my dusty and bloody silk dress and I dress in a silk bathrobe. I took a bath, and I felt much better.

    Then, they dressed in a black morning gown. The short sleeves were lace. They even adorned me with a white pearl choker necklace and pearl earrings. They put black silk slippers on my feet decked with little pearl diamonds on the toe. I had never felt so extravagant in my life.

     My hair with curled and put up in a bun, dressed with a pearl pin. A veil of black lace covered my face, and I had black gloves. It was a very sober event, as I, in my new array and feeling very strange, exited my room. If it could be called a room.

    A white flower was put in my hand, and we were driven to the funeral, which had been arranged in the three hours that I was dressed up. Surprisingly fast, but after all, my new father was an excessively rich man.

   Somber music played as Lilias’s body was carried in. The minister uttered a sermon, and several people wept. I didn’t, I only looked grim. Then, we scattered the dirt. Then, my tears fell like rain, and made the dirt mud. I placed my rose on her grave and whispered,

      “Goodbye, Lilias, the greatest friend I ever had. I promise, I’ll avenge you.”

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All Alone in This World Chapter 8

     Yeep! Now my story is actually going to get good! FINALLY. I bet you’re all sighing with relief that it’s actually going to be okay now instead it being so bad.

Chapter 8

       I recalled those gloves. Rather fancy. The hands in those black gloves had pulled the trigger that killed everyone that I ever knew. Now I knew that they were all connected. Then a terrifying thought ran through me. What if was the next target? I shuddered at the thought, but somehow I doubted it. If the person was targeting my family, why had he – or she – killed Lilias? I swallowed at the thought of dead Lilias. How could it be?

      I thought that maybe there were more connections. More connections that would help me find out who the killer was. I was sure by now that whoever the murderer was, the murderer was trying to hurt me. But why? I gritted my teeth. How was I going to solve this? I had no experience with mysteries, I was no detective, it wasn’t like all of a sudden I was going to be genius and discover the murder and get him arrested and be crowned as a hero. No, life didn’t really work that way.

      I racked my brain for more connections, more clues, more anything! I suddenly had a vision of the killer’s person. Tall, slim, and it was a he. My new father was tall and slim. But I knew that he wasn’t the killer because he had no motive. I just knew that he wasn’t the killer. There were many tall and slim men in the world. I just had to find the right one.

        I remembered Lilias’s story about Adrianna. Was she related to any of this? But I had never even seen her! But maybe I had. Maybe, although I didn’t know it now, I really had seen Adrianna once upon a time. Could I have? But that was impossible. Nowhere in my memory was a girl like Adrianna. I was happy with my new clues, but I wouldn’t be satisified until I had the killer behind the bars. Or even better – killed.

       I will never ever write a good story. 😑. I am such a terrible author. Well, I’m going to stop torturing myself, (although I thoroughly deserve it) and I wish to apologize to you for making you go crazy with this junk. Leave a comment below if you despise it. Your Loving Sister in Christ,

comes to you,it's a.png

All Alone in This World

       Hey guys! Welcome back to…(drumroll)

Chapter 7

         “What happened?” cried Mr. Robertstad, bending over Lilias’s bleeding body.

          I was at loss for words. A choking feeling that was rising from my heart and making it’s way to my throat prevented my speech. I coughed, but it did no good. The lump that was in my throat grew bigger and bigger. I wanted to cry so much, but I couldn’t. No tears would squeeze out, no matter how hard I tried.

           At last we drove off. Lilias’s body was still there. We were bringing her back and we were going to give her a proper burial. I was still shocked. Memories were whizzing through my head. My mother, my father, my aunt, Lilias. Memories of them flashed in my eyes. Death. I saw them die, one by one. I closed my eyes, but the memories kept on going.

        I took a deep shuddery breath, forcing the memories to stop. But one raging thought kept on pounding in my mind. I would find out who had done this to my family and my friends. I would find out, and I wouldn’t let them get away with this murder.

I started with my parents and I thought. Shot. My mother and father had been shot when I had my second birthday. It was a pistol, and then I moved on to Aunt Danielle. She too was shot, with a bullet that was identified as one from a pistol. Lilias was also shot by a pistol. I began to think. They were all shot with the same weapon, was that a connection?

I knew that many people used pistols, but I couldn’t shake the feeling off that there was a connection. As I thought about the connection, I suddenly thought of another. Black. Silk. Gloves.


All Alone in This World

Chapter 6

         Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Time dragged by and it was impossible to sleep with the pain of remembering that I, after all, had nobody, nobody at all. But at least I had Lilias by my side. Our friendship flourished and we became intimate friends. One day, we were brought the news that we were adopted. Both of us, together.

       “A young single man,” Mrs. Weston told us. “Very distinguished, you’ll have a good life, both of you. Now hurry up and get on some fine clothing!”

        She tossed us two silky dresses, one lavender and one periwinkle. After we were all dressed up, we were escorted downstairs to a fancy limousine. We were informed that our new father, Mr. Robertstad, would not be in for a little while, but would soon be here so we could go to our new home. Our chauffeur opened the door for us, and we excitedly took our seats. Several minutes passed when we heard a yell. I turned around in a flash, and the chauffeur jumped. Then I saw a horrible gun pointing out of a bush, it aimed, a gunshot snapped in the air and the next thing I knew, Lilias was bleeding in the seat beside me.

      “No,” I whispered. “No, no, no, NO! It’s not true, it can’t be. Please, please no.”

      The chauffeur didn’t say anything, it was not his place. Just then, a young man in a tuxedo and looking very wealthy stepped out of the orphanage and exclaimed,

       “Hello girls! I’m your-” he stopped abruptly when he saw the bleeding body beside me.

      “E-excuse me,” he faltered. “I-I, no! Is-is she alive?’

     He looked so heart-broken that I felt sorry for him. But what did he know about being heartbroken? I had no one, he at least had his servants. Not a member of my family was left, and now none of my friends. Lilias had been one my supporter when I had been depressed at the orphanage, and now she too was gone. I laid my head in my arms but I couldn’t cry. The lump in my throat was too large for that. Lilias had been my sister, but nobody part of my family could ever live. I guess that was true with Lilias too. I guess.

All Alone in This World

d        Yeah, I was so hyped with Lilias’s last sentence I really couldn’t wait to write her back story! I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5

        I stared at Lilias in astonishment. I didn’t really know what to think of this whole experience. My aunt was murdered. I was brought to an orphanage. I was okay with an orphanage, especially one so prestigious, I would rather not be in an orphanage, I wished desperately that I had a family, but then I got a roommate with a murderous sister? Things might have turned for better or worse.

         “Her name was Adriana,” continued Lilias. “She was always loving and kind,” Lilias’s voice faltered. “Until that one day when she murdered my mom and dad. They were both away and Adriana was babysitting me. We were having a lovely time, although Adriana seemed awfully worried. She kept looking around her and wringing her hands. But I never expected much, until my mother and father came home.

        “Then she grabbed a gun from her pocket. She was pale and shaking. Tears were running down her face. She was sobbing as she pulled the trigger. Twice. I was screaming and sobbing. She turned to me. Her eyes were pleading. ‘Run, Lilias.’ She whispered. ‘Run.’

        “They tried to track her but with no success. I was thought of as an orphan and all alone. So I was brought here. But I never forgot the look in Adriana’s eyes. It was horrible! They were tearful and haunting. She didn’t want to do it, I know that she didn’t! But somebody made her do it, Stella, somebody made her. I just know that she wasn’t up to it. I just know it.”

       I was silent. I couldn’t think of something to say. What a tragedy.

      “I’m all alone too,” I choked up. “My parents were killed and I never knew how. Then my grandparents were killed. All my aunts and uncles and cousins and friends until I went to my Aunt Danielle. Then she was shot. Somebody did this to me. And I’m finding out who!” My voice grew louder as my passion grew stronger. “I HAVE NO ONE! NO ONE! I’m all alone in this world. All alone.”

        “I have grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends,” sighed Lilias. “But nobody wanted to take me. I think they were all afraid I would take after Adriana and murder them in their beds. But I’m in contact with most of them. We write and call. I’m sorry, Stella. I’m really sorry.”

        How I was to hold on to Lilias in those trying days, but she couldn’t be my support for long. Not long at all.