Over the Mountains {Character Intros}

         I’m rewriting the character profiles because I was thinking it over, and a lot of stuff actually changes. Sorry about that! 😬

Over the Mountains



Princess Isania of Winterspell

Name: Isania

Age: 15

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Warrior/princess

Fight style: Physical combat

Clothes: Short black dress, black leggings, brown fur vest, brown ankle boots

Hair: Brown in a braid with a white feather

Eyes: Brown/dark gray

Personality: Quiet, loyal, determined

Backstory: Isania’s sister Azania was kidnapped at 10 years old. Defying her mother, Isania teams up with Echo and Tyrond, going to find her, after receiving a hint that she is in the forbidden city of Westerlight.

fantasy warrior wallpaper hd-4.jpg

Guardian Echo of Shadowglass

Name: Echo

Age: 15

Kingdom: Shadowglass

Profession: Guardian/Warrior

Fight style: Weaponry

Clothes: Short strapless black leather dress, black boots, black arm cuffs

Hair: Black partial-bun with feathers

Eyes: Violet

Personality: Defensive, aggressive, challenging

Backstory: Told that she is not supposed to be a guardian, but must find another destiny in Westerlight, Echo goes to Westerlight, and runs into Isania and Tyrond on the way, eventually befriending them.

half_elf_druid (1).jpg

Student Tyrond

Name: Tyrond

Age: 15

Kingdom: Fallshore

Profession: Student in magic

Fight style: Enchantments

Clothes: Green shirt, black pants, brown arm cuffs, white fur vest

Hair: Spiky blue-black

Personality: Quiet, nervous, anxious

Backstory: After being diagnosed with a deadly disease, he is told that his only cure will be in Westerlight. On the way, he finds Isania and Echo who accompany him.

th (8)

Enchantress Morasia

Name: Morasia

Age: Unknown

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Enchantress/bodyguard

Fight style: Magic

Clothes: Blue velvet cloak, black dress

Hair: Changes

Personality: Mysterious, calm, composed

Backstory: Morasia serves as Isania’s bodyguard and tells her where Azania will be found. No further information will be given because of spoilers


Queen Clarion of Winterspell

Name: Clarion

Age: Unknown

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Queen

Fight style: Mental combat

Clothes: Crimson and white robes

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Pale silver

Personality: Cold, reserved, intelligent

Backstory: Queen Clarion is a cold woman, who wins over her enemies just by looking at them and messing with their mind. She cares only about her title. Further information will be given in the story.


Princess Azania of Winterspell

Name: Azania

Age: 15

Kingdom: Winterspell

Profession: Captive/princess

Fight style: Physical combat

Clothes: Chestnut dress with dust brown lining. Golden arm cuffs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown/gray

Personality: Swift, fierce, protective

Backstory: Azania was kidnapped at age 10 by Westerlighters. She is held in Westerlight until her sister comes to rescue her leading to the Battle of WesterLight. Further information will be given in the story.







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