All Alone in This World (Finale) + Sneak-Peek to New Story!

           *Sniffle* All Alone in This World has finally ended. Well, it’s a bit of a relief actually, because now I can work on my new story!

Chapter 12

        Adrianna and I became sisters. We now lived together in a small house, ready for anything. Everything was over. My evil uncle was gone. Now, I could rest in peace without worry of murder.

      I used to be all alone in this world. I used to have nobody. Everybody was always taken away from me. But that would never happen again. For the cruelty was over, and now, I could have a peaceful life.

          I’m sorry it’s so short! But I didn’t really have anything else to write about. Now introducing…

Over the Mountains.png

Over the Mountains. Isania’s mother Clarion is the queen of Winterspell, and it’s not an easy title. After learning that her long lost twin Azania may be in the forbidden city of Westwyren, Isania sets out to find her. Queen Clarion knows that it will ruin her title, attempting to stop her. But Isania just wants her twin. Queen Clarion is found to be following Isania, afraid of her getting into danger. Little does she know that she only increases the peril…

         Here are the characters:



Isania is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Queen Clarion of Winterspell. She is gentle, quiet, determined, quick, and intelligent.

Queen Clarion


Queen Clarion cares about two things: her title and her daughters. She is overprotective, forbidding, calm, and serious.



Azania is Isania’s long-lost twin sister. She is known to be fierce, rash, hot-tempered, defensive, and strategical.

              Does it sound awesome?? I cannot wait to get started on it! Like it if you can’t wait, and comment if you like it!



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