All Alone in This World Chapter 11

     Well, so much for that idea. Sorry, I was on vacation and I didn’t come back until late night. 😬. So a big apology for that!!

Chapter 11

      “What are you doing?” I gasped. “I thought you were good. Why are you doing this? Who are you? What are you doing to me? I believed in you. I thought that I had found a family at last. Who are you. What are you doing.”

       “I suppose that you want to know everything,” growled my “father.” “I killed everyone. All of your beloved. Every single one of them.”

       Shock ran through my body. Him? I had never seen him in my life!

       “I am your uncle,” he continued. “Ever since you were born I hated you. I hated you because I knew you were powerful. You had a slow temper, innocent. I knew that one day, you would get rid of me because of the way I treated your father. Horribly.

      “He would have told you, then what would I have done? So I killed them all off, so that nobody could ever tell you of the horrible things I had done and of you. I spared you however, but now I have decided to stop. Adrianna, she loved Lilias. But she had to kill her parents because I told her that I myself would kill Lilias if she didn’t. She didn’t want to.

      “I made her however, I hired her because otherwise I would do away with Lilias. But at the last moment, she rebelled. She couldn’t keep up helping me, she was too innocent. So I had to kill Lilias. Now nobody knows where she is.

      I struggled for breath, the dagger was nearing.

      “Let her go,” a quiet voice said. “I am done serving you, Roscoe. You might have killed my sister, but I still cannot serve you. You terrified me. You told me horrible, morbid things. I had no choice. You destroyed me.”

       I saw out of the corner of my eye, an older girl, tall, dressed in a white dress. Her hair lay in waves. It was the color of the sun. She looked liked Lilias. The thought of Lilias hurt me. But Adrianna, she could be my hope. My only hope.

       “Go, Adrianna,” snarled Roscoe. “Do you want me to kill you too?”

      “I would rather than you kill that innocent girl!” cried Adrianna. “It was your own fault for doing those unforgivable things. It was your own fault. You shouldn’t take it out on her. Let her go.”

       Roscoe had loosened his grip and I sprang, snatching the dagger away. But I was no expert. He soon had me again, tighter. I didn’t see Adrianna anywhere. Had she actually abandoned me now? Suddenly Roscoe roared. I turned to see what was going on. Then he fell dead to the ground.

       Adrianna breathed hard.

     “Stella,” she gasped. “Let’s go home.”

Did you enjoy? Hope you did!


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