4Ever Fantastic Friends Chapter 3

Woohoo! We’re at chapter 3 now!

Chapter 3

Sky widened her eyes. Then she leaped into the air. “YIPPEE!”

Excitedly, she began dancing.

“What’s wrong with her?” Sea gasped. “On no! She’s possessed! Help!”

“Snap out of it!” Dusk snapped. “She has SM too!”

Dawn breathed a sigh of relief and began jumping up and down. “Yayyyyyyyyyyy! I’m not the only oneeeeeeeeee!”

The two fairies grabbed hands and twirled in a circle.

“Stop it!” Dusk flapped her hands at them very very very fast. “You’re messing up all our books and stuff.”

“Whoa, how are you doing that?” Sea asked.

“What?” Dusk looked at her hands and screamed.

Sky and Dusk stopped moving and stared. Suddenly, Sky hugged her. “YES! You have SM too!”

The three fairies began to hop up and down.

In despair, Sea looked at them. All three of her best friends were now with SM. Would she get it too? Most unlikely. But today was a day of surprises.

Sea picked up a bottle of water and took a large gulp from it. She continued drinking and drinking, as if she could drink forever.

“Sea? Sea? SEA!” Sky shrieked, staring at her best friend. “Stop drinking! No fairy can drink so much! STOP!”

Sea choked and spat water. She continued blowing water until all the water she had drunk was gone.

“Sorry…” she whimpered.

YES!” all her friends cried. “You have SM too! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!”

In deep surprise, Sea was being dragged into her friends who were holding hands and dancing excitedly.


Well?! How was it?! Tell me how much you liked it!

God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb


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