All Alone in This World (Chapter 10)

       I’m going to be more consisting in this from now on, how does posting a chapter every Sunday sound, good? Well, the story’s sorta dragging, so I’m going to pick it up a bit! Are you bored with it? Because most of my faithful commenters have disappeared. 😉

Chapter 10

    When I got home, I just stared at the fancy decked wall. I, was done. Just, done. But I knew I couldn’t be done, because then, I wouldn’t be keeping my promise to Lilias, dead Lilias.

    I couldn’t stay here residing in luxury. It, was time, to act. I armed myself with a heavy staff, from nature. I was so upset, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that whatever I was doing, I wasn’t staying here.

    I changed out of my mourning clothes, and put on the clothes I had worn first to the orphanage. A grey loose shirt and a pair of nice jeans. I even clipped on a pair of diamond earrings and put on one little delicate chain. It had been my mother’s. Then, I brush my hair loosely braided it. I dressed in deerskin boots, and I decided I was set. I didn’t know when I would return, and I could hardly care. Then, using a ladder, I climbed down from the mansion and crept away. Perhaps never to return.

~ ~

     I was not up to this journey. I was tired, and hungry too. I was so hurt, so angry, I didn’t know what I was doing. Maybe I was going crazy. Then, I spent my first night in the woods. But in the middle of my slumber, I was disturbed by a little, cold, sharp thing next to my throat. My eyes fluttered open. It was…my father.

   How do you like? I hope that you did like it. 😛



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