All Alone in This World (Chapter 9)

       I’m really sorry for the holdup! But well, here you go:

Chapter 9

       I was in shock; my new father’s home was huge. It was probably six normal sized houses all put together. For one man. I put my hand to my heart. Lilias would have loved this place. The thought of Lilias made me tearful. I had to avenge her. I just had to, or everything, would be lost.

      I had to avenge all my family, all my friends, but I just hoped, that that person wouldn’t get any ideas about me first. I was still sure that whoever he was, he was intentionally killing my kin, and I had to find out two things; who and why.

    I was escorted out of the car and into the house. I was led to a huge room the size of a small house, and five maids appear to help me to undress out of my dusty and bloody silk dress and I dress in a silk bathrobe. I took a bath, and I felt much better.

    Then, they dressed in a black morning gown. The short sleeves were lace. They even adorned me with a white pearl choker necklace and pearl earrings. They put black silk slippers on my feet decked with little pearl diamonds on the toe. I had never felt so extravagant in my life.

     My hair with curled and put up in a bun, dressed with a pearl pin. A veil of black lace covered my face, and I had black gloves. It was a very sober event, as I, in my new array and feeling very strange, exited my room. If it could be called a room.

    A white flower was put in my hand, and we were driven to the funeral, which had been arranged in the three hours that I was dressed up. Surprisingly fast, but after all, my new father was an excessively rich man.

   Somber music played as Lilias’s body was carried in. The minister uttered a sermon, and several people wept. I didn’t, I only looked grim. Then, we scattered the dirt. Then, my tears fell like rain, and made the dirt mud. I placed my rose on her grave and whispered,

      “Goodbye, Lilias, the greatest friend I ever had. I promise, I’ll avenge you.”

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