4Ever Fantastic Friends Chapter 2

Its time for chapter 2! In case you forgot the characters, you can read this! Enjoy!

Chapter 2:

Dawn was in her kitchen. She was trying to cook something, but didn’t have the faintest idea how.

She tried blowing the stove. (Wasn’t that how you started a real fire?)

She tried splashing water on the stove.

She even tried wishing very hard that the stove would somehow burst into flames.

Nothing worked.

Feeling frustrated, Dawn slammed her hand against the stove and fire burst from her hands, lighting up the entire stove.

As she screamed, her mother entered the kitchen and turned off the flames. But it wasn’t even turned on.

“Mother! I need to see a doctor!”

“Now? Why?” Dawn’s mother snapped, irritated that she could not turn out the fire and also because the baby was crying.

Dawn stared at her perfectly fine hands and blinked. She needed to get her friends’ help. They would know what to do. So she ran out the kitchen door and raced towards Sea’s house.


Sky and Dusk were in Sea’s house, doing their homework.

Suddenly, the door to Sea’s bedroom burst open and Dawn plunged in.

You-will-not-believe-what-happened-to-me,” she gasped in one breath.

“What?” Dusk muttered absentmindedly as Sea and Sky threw soft toys at each other.

“Fire burst from my hands!” Dawn shrieked.

“Haha very funny.” Sea rolled her eyes and flung a teddy bear in Sky’s face.

“This is no time for jokes dear Dawnny!” Sky joked. “Get it? It’s like Danny but this time its Dawnny!”

Sea laughed. Dusk grinned.

“I’m serious!” Dawn cried. “You think I would lie about this?”

The others shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Look I’ll show you.” Dawn picked up Sea’s favourite book and it exploded into flames.

“HEY!” Sea yelled. “That’s my book! Stop it!”

Dawn dropped it and Sea grabbed it.

Now do you believe me?” asked Dawn.

“Oh my goodness,” gasped Dusk. She pulled out a thick, blue book from her brown bag and flipped through it.

The rest crowded around her. “Got it!” Dusk exclaimed.

She pointed at a short paragraph on page 237 and read out loud:

“Fairies have magic, but some have extraordinary magic. This extraordinary magic can be any sort; magic that no other fairies have. It is also known as Special Magic, or SM. If any fairy encounters this, they should immediately seek the Head Fairy Godmother.”

“There’s a Head Fairy Godmother?!” Sea gasped.

Dusk nodded. “You’ve got SM, Dawn.”

“Pass me a pencil, Sky,” Dawn ordered.

Dawn was staring out of the window. When she turned back, she sighed. Then she screamed for the second time that day.

“What?” Sky snapped.

Dawn pointed at the space next to Sky.

“What is it?” Sky asked impatiently as everyone turned to stare at her. “Do I look like something you can gawk at? Is this a silly prank? What?! Tell me!”

“P-p-pencil..” Sea stammered.

Sky turned and widened her eyes.

A pencil was floating in mid-air next to her head!


So how did you like it?! I’m slowly gonna reveal their powers, I’m SOOOOOOOOO excited!

Talk to me in the comments!


God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb


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