4Ever Fantastic Friends Chapter 1

*gasps in delight* Yay! FINALLY! I have been so excited! I couldn’t stop thinking about this! But I just realised I have no idea whatsoever for 4Ever Fantastic Friends’ first chapter… But I’ll just write from the brain. Here goes! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

“Hurry up, Sea!” Sky called. “We’re going to be late! On our first day!”

Sea huffed and puffed and ran up the hill. “I would have been faster if I didn’t have to carry all our stuff!”

Sky rolled her brown eyes. “You offered, and I took the offer. Isn’t that what an offer is?”

Sea grunted. “Mind giving me a hand?”

Sky sighed loudly. “Fine.”

Sea dumped all the books she was carrying into Sky’s open arms. “Ahh, much better.”

Dawn and Dusk came running up the hill. “Come on!!!!! We’re going to be late!” Dusk cried. They dashed away, hair flying in all directions and book bags bumping against their thighs.

The thing they were going to be late for was school. Or more like, the Fairies Academy. Sky, Sea, Dawn and Dusk were young fairies who needed to learn all about wandwork and all the other stuff before they could officially become an Experienced Fairy.

There were 3 stages to being a fairy in the Fairies Academy. The first stage was Young Fairy. These fairies were newbies and had zero idea about any magic. The second stage was Intermediate Fairy. This fairy was already halfway to becoming a real fairy. The final stage was Experienced Fairy. This fairy learned everything they needed to know in the Academy. Outside, they had more to learn.

* * *

Sky and Sea rushed into their classroom, nearly banging into the Fairy Godmother who was the Head of the Academy and was merely briefing the classes and welcoming them back from their holidays.

The Fairy Godmother looked at them with interest. “Good morning, ladies.”

“G-good morning,” Sea stammered. She blushed. (Sea was a giant fan of the Fairy Godmother)

The Fairy Godmother raised her eyebrows. “I see you’re late. Punctuality is an important trait of any fairy, but as you are young, I shall let you off without any punishment. Take a seat.”

Sky and Sea bowed their heads and hurried to their seats.

The Fairy Godmother cleared her throat. “Now, as I was saying, since you are all new here, you will have time to explore once you finish lunch. Alright, I think its time for you to begin your lessons. See you around soon!” She disappeared in a swirl of sparkles.

Sea sighed dreamily. “Isn’t she wonderful?” she asked in a carrying whisper.

Suddenly, the door banged open. A tall and skinny lady walked in. Her wings were brown and looked as sharp as she was. Her graying hair was tied back in a very very tight bun. Her mouth was set in a thin and straight line, causing her to look sour. This was a woman no one wanted to mess with.

She dumped her books and bag on the desk then strode to the desk. “My name is Ms. Kitters,” she announced, as she scribbled on the board with perfect handwriting.

Ms. Kitters, the board read.

She turned to face all the fairies. She scanned their faces with narrow gray eyes. “I would like to make something particularly clear before we begin. Rules are meant to be kept, not broken. If I catch any fairy breaking any rule at all, to the Head she will go. Is that clear?”

Everyone nodded.

“Good,” she walked to her desk and began lecturing.

At lunch, Sky, Sea, Dawn, and Dusk chattered about Ms. Kitters.

“I hate her,” Sea fumed.

“I think she’s beastly,” Dusk said. “All those lines she made poor Lily do during break just because she didn’t know what the first rule in this school is!”

Sea shuddered. “I was terrified every time she looked at me. I think she was a monster before this.”

Dawn nodded. “I think this is going to be a long year ahead of us.”


So how was the first chapter of 4Ever Fantastic Friends? I’m just gonna call it 4FF from now on…

Please read this in order to answer my next few questions! (I forgot to ask these questions last time)

Done reading? Answer these interrogations!

Who is your favourite character? Do you like their names? Try guessing what happens next in the following chapters!

God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb 😀

P.S I feel so excited right now! Say “Oranges are yummy!” if you are excited too!

P.P.S I know I’m weird.

P.P.P.S Thanks for reading till the end!


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  2. As for the questions, here are my answers: (1 My favorite character is um…Sky! (2 I LOVE their names, very creative! (3 Well, um…here’s my crazy answer: Sky skydives into the human realm and lives in Mexico, Sea dives down to the deepest sea there and turns into a hermit crab, and Dusk and Dawn discover that they’re long lost twins and attach themselves together with hot glue. 😛 Juuuuust kidding! NO idea.

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    1. Thank you so much for answering all my questions on my own blog and on Authors Press too! I can totally proudly say you are my number one online fan! XD

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  3. This is gonna be fuuun. I like getting in contact with bloggers I like. So far I’ve got Liv @livealittle Rebekah @Headintheclouds Phoenix @Godisawesomeandatwork and now you!

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