All Alone in This World Chapter 8

     Yeep! Now my story is actually going to get good! FINALLY. I bet you’re all sighing with relief that it’s actually going to be okay now instead it being so bad.

Chapter 8

       I recalled those gloves. Rather fancy. The hands in those black gloves had pulled the trigger that killed everyone that I ever knew. Now I knew that they were all connected. Then a terrifying thought ran through me. What if was the next target? I shuddered at the thought, but somehow I doubted it. If the person was targeting my family, why had he – or she – killed Lilias? I swallowed at the thought of dead Lilias. How could it be?

      I thought that maybe there were more connections. More connections that would help me find out who the killer was. I was sure by now that whoever the murderer was, the murderer was trying to hurt me. But why? I gritted my teeth. How was I going to solve this? I had no experience with mysteries, I was no detective, it wasn’t like all of a sudden I was going to be genius and discover the murder and get him arrested and be crowned as a hero. No, life didn’t really work that way.

      I racked my brain for more connections, more clues, more anything! I suddenly had a vision of the killer’s person. Tall, slim, and it was a he. My new father was tall and slim. But I knew that he wasn’t the killer because he had no motive. I just knew that he wasn’t the killer. There were many tall and slim men in the world. I just had to find the right one.

        I remembered Lilias’s story about Adrianna. Was she related to any of this? But I had never even seen her! But maybe I had. Maybe, although I didn’t know it now, I really had seen Adrianna once upon a time. Could I have? But that was impossible. Nowhere in my memory was a girl like Adrianna. I was happy with my new clues, but I wouldn’t be satisified until I had the killer behind the bars. Or even better – killed.

       I will never ever write a good story. 😑. I am such a terrible author. Well, I’m going to stop torturing myself, (although I thoroughly deserve it) and I wish to apologize to you for making you go crazy with this junk. Leave a comment below if you despise it. Your Loving Sister in Christ,

comes to you,it's a.png

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