All Alone in This World

       Hey guys! Welcome back to…(drumroll)

Chapter 7

         “What happened?” cried Mr. Robertstad, bending over Lilias’s bleeding body.

          I was at loss for words. A choking feeling that was rising from my heart and making it’s way to my throat prevented my speech. I coughed, but it did no good. The lump that was in my throat grew bigger and bigger. I wanted to cry so much, but I couldn’t. No tears would squeeze out, no matter how hard I tried.

           At last we drove off. Lilias’s body was still there. We were bringing her back and we were going to give her a proper burial. I was still shocked. Memories were whizzing through my head. My mother, my father, my aunt, Lilias. Memories of them flashed in my eyes. Death. I saw them die, one by one. I closed my eyes, but the memories kept on going.

        I took a deep shuddery breath, forcing the memories to stop. But one raging thought kept on pounding in my mind. I would find out who had done this to my family and my friends. I would find out, and I wouldn’t let them get away with this murder.

I started with my parents and I thought. Shot. My mother and father had been shot when I had my second birthday. It was a pistol, and then I moved on to Aunt Danielle. She too was shot, with a bullet that was identified as one from a pistol. Lilias was also shot by a pistol. I began to think. They were all shot with the same weapon, was that a connection?

I knew that many people used pistols, but I couldn’t shake the feeling off that there was a connection. As I thought about the connection, I suddenly thought of another. Black. Silk. Gloves.


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