Dry Throat

Hey hey hey!!!! Its meeeeee! I can’t write for too long today, because I need to eat dinner soon and do some homework. But anyways…

Today, I’m going to be telling a short story. This short story is not part of the other short story series which will be “launched” next week. (By the way, my short stories series names and details and will be coming out next week! That’s a promise!) Kindly do not get confused.

So, without further ado, I present to you…

Dry Throat

Silence floated through the atmosphere.

What was happening? I wondered. One minute I was running through the forest playing catch with my best friend hot on my heels, the next minute, silence filled the air so thick, I couldn’t even hear my own panting. It was deafening.

Hey! I wanted to yell. Where’s everyone?! Hello?!

I wanted to say these words so bad, I began to tear. Where were my friends? There were at least ten of them, in total. Now not a single one of them appeared.

Maybe I should go back, I thought. Maybe they will be waiting there. Maybe I have won. Maybe they have started another game. 

I wiped my tears and quickly retraced my steps. The silence followed me like a dark and sober cloud.

I re-entered the clearing which my friends and I had started playing games from. But no one was in sight.

They’ll come back, I thought confidently, and sat down to wait.

What if they won’t? another voice in me asked.

They’ve got to, I thought. I mean, We’re good friends and we stand by each other.

I can tell they’ve deserted you. The voice started sounding spooky. The word deserted pierced me.

I pushed the voice away and continued staring at the grass.

Twenty minutes later, the deafening silence had left and normal silence was back. Birds sang, bees buzzed and trees swayed in the wind. My friends had not returned.

I stood up and looked around. “OI!” I hollered as loud as I could. “I’m here, you know! You guys can come out now!!!!”

No answer. I sat back down and began to sing.

An hour later, I started feeling woozy. I began to sway lightly.

Help! I cried silently.

The lack of water (I hadn’t drunk for two hours and the heat was penetrating through my skull) and the singing had caused this.

As I began to fall to the ground, I heard voices. The voices of tweens and teens. They were my friends.

I stood up like a drunkard. At last! I wanted to cry out, but fainted before I could do so.


As I hit the ground, I sat blot upright in bed, sweating like crazy. I was at home.

Silly me. It was just a dream.

But as I reached for my water bottle on my side table, I realised I had a dry and thirsty throat.



Did you guys enjoy that? Give this a like if you did, and comment your thoughts! (Any grammatical mistakes up there?)

God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb 😀

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