Breaking News: New Author Joins Authors Press

Hi everyone! My (online) name is PenelopeCrumb. Rachel just invited me to join Authors Press but I didn’t get a chance to write until now! I’m so excited! (I dunno why)

By the way, I have another blog called Wild Imagination. Click here to check it out. I would appreciate it tremendously if you took a look at it.

I’m thinking about writing a story soon. I’ll let you guys know when I’m going to start writing it. I’m thinking about short stories consisting of the same main characters. I still have more to think about, so I beg for your patience.

I’ll only post here once a week, because I have another blog to care for. Here is my “schedule” which I just thought up a few minutes ago: (I’m homeschooled, by the way so don’t get confused if this seems different from school schedules)

Monday: Blog on Authors Press

Tuesday: Blog on Wild Imagination

Wednesday: I have a full day on those days, so I won’t be free to blog.

Thursday: Checking out other blogs

Friday: I’m out for some activities so no surfing the net at all. Unless there has been some changes.

Saturday & Sunday: These are the weekends sooooo no blogging! Besides, it’s the Sabbath.

Ok, that’s about it for now. See you next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb 😀 (Sorry for not having a proper sign off. I know it’s part of the rules :P)

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