All Alone in This World

d        Yeah, I was so hyped with Lilias’s last sentence I really couldn’t wait to write her back story! I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5

        I stared at Lilias in astonishment. I didn’t really know what to think of this whole experience. My aunt was murdered. I was brought to an orphanage. I was okay with an orphanage, especially one so prestigious, I would rather not be in an orphanage, I wished desperately that I had a family, but then I got a roommate with a murderous sister? Things might have turned for better or worse.

         “Her name was Adriana,” continued Lilias. “She was always loving and kind,” Lilias’s voice faltered. “Until that one day when she murdered my mom and dad. They were both away and Adriana was babysitting me. We were having a lovely time, although Adriana seemed awfully worried. She kept looking around her and wringing her hands. But I never expected much, until my mother and father came home.

        “Then she grabbed a gun from her pocket. She was pale and shaking. Tears were running down her face. She was sobbing as she pulled the trigger. Twice. I was screaming and sobbing. She turned to me. Her eyes were pleading. ‘Run, Lilias.’ She whispered. ‘Run.’

        “They tried to track her but with no success. I was thought of as an orphan and all alone. So I was brought here. But I never forgot the look in Adriana’s eyes. It was horrible! They were tearful and haunting. She didn’t want to do it, I know that she didn’t! But somebody made her do it, Stella, somebody made her. I just know that she wasn’t up to it. I just know it.”

       I was silent. I couldn’t think of something to say. What a tragedy.

      “I’m all alone too,” I choked up. “My parents were killed and I never knew how. Then my grandparents were killed. All my aunts and uncles and cousins and friends until I went to my Aunt Danielle. Then she was shot. Somebody did this to me. And I’m finding out who!” My voice grew louder as my passion grew stronger. “I HAVE NO ONE! NO ONE! I’m all alone in this world. All alone.”

        “I have grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends,” sighed Lilias. “But nobody wanted to take me. I think they were all afraid I would take after Adriana and murder them in their beds. But I’m in contact with most of them. We write and call. I’m sorry, Stella. I’m really sorry.”

        How I was to hold on to Lilias in those trying days, but she couldn’t be my support for long. Not long at all.

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      1. might i recommend you put in a last name, and they give you a first and middle character name/baby name. i use it all the time! it’s very good.

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