All Alone in This World

         Chapter 4

         Mrs. Weston led me into a grand hall with lots of paintings. We took a turn and went up the stairs where I admired all the fine tapestries. I was ashamed of myself for not putting on more fancy apparel. But that was soon taken care of. I was led to the eighth-grade dormitory of the girls’ floor where I found to my surprise, Miss Carla Carlos! How had she gotten there?

         “Miss Carlos,” explained Mrs. Weston. “Is the head of the eighth grade girls’ dormitory. She is also their teacher, as you know, and you are expected to listen to her every word. She will show you everything. Good day, Miss Stella.”

           With that, Mrs. Weston left. Miss Carla grinned.

           “You should get a uniform,” she advised. “Have you brought anything?”

            I had not thought anything I had worth packing, except for a heavy golden locket with pictures of my family and relations inside.

            “No,” I replied.

             “Then you will be sharing a room with Lilias,” decided Miss Carla. “In here, please.”

             Apparently, the room we had just entered was the main office of the eighth grade girls’ dormitory. I was led to an extravagant crimson room with two big loft beds, four large mahogany desks, many silk curtains, beautiful sparkling glass windows, many silky rugs and carpets, loads of shelves and drawers, lots of nooks and crannies, and best of all, a little balcony above with a rope ladder where the girl called Lilias stood.

            “This is your uniform,” Miss Carla explained, handing me some clothes. “Lilias will show you everything else.”

            Then she too left.

             “Hi!” grinned Lilias, who had sunny golden hair and jade eyes.

             She was dressed in a velvet maroon blouse with a long black bow reaching down to her hips, a long silk black skirt and smart maroon flats. She was wearing a black pearl choker necklace, and she beamed with pleasure at having me. Yes, she was very good-looking.

             “Hi,” I replied. “Where can I change?”

              “Follow me,” Lilias told me.

              She led me to a little room with a heavy mahogany door and I slipped inside. I found that my outfit was much like Lilias’s, only I had a dark green blouse and  dark green shoes. I opened the door and searched for Lilias who had evidently disappeared.

           She was perched on the loft bed, as I found out and I climbed up the ladder to rest in my own bed.

            “What’s your story?” I asked.

            “My parents were murdered in front of my eyes last year,” Lilias replied calmly. “By my older sister.”

9 thoughts on “All Alone in This World”

  1. whoa, intense! poor lilias. what’s the deal with the differently colored uniforms? and why does stella seem so, you know, happy to be at an orphanage?

    isabel 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey!
    Nice blog (: I just started mine up and was looking for a few relative friends in the book world! I have a Booktube channel too. Also, There is a giveaway currently going on and I will be posting more as soon as I finish editing a few videos.
    Thanks and I hope you like my blog! :*


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