All Alone in This World

Chapter 2

           I stopped mid-flip which caused me to tumble down. I was sore all over but I did not care. What had happened? My stomach somersaulted. Had, no, it couldn’t be! But had anything happened to Aunt Danielle? My feet flew inside and up the stairs. I ran to Aunt Danielle and screamed. There lay my loving Aunt Danielle lying on the bed, and the sheets were soaked with blood.

         “Aunt Danielle!” I sobbed, trying to find her pulse, but failing. “No, no, Aunt Danielle! Please, no!”

          But it was too late – Aunt Danielle’s spirit had departed into Heaven, but she had left me all alone. I had no family, no relation, no friends. But I reached the phone with my hands shaking violently and called the police.

         In a little bit, sirens howled and the police began to investigate. I was called as a witness, even though I had not witnessed anything.

        “Did you see anything?” a police officer interrogated me.

        “No,” I whispered, tears streaming down my face. “I was playing in my backyard, when I heard a gunshot. I ran to my aunt but she was already dead.”

        “Listen, miss,” said the police officer gently. “I know this is a big shock and sorrow, but we’ll have to put you in an orphanage.”

        My heart sank. An orphanage? I couldn’t stand the thought. If only I had been with Aunt Danielle. If only. Then perhaps this wouldn’t have happened. But, who would have dreamed of this tragedy? My throat tightened as tears dribbled down my face. I was alone. And I was going to an orphanage. My whole world had turned upside-down.

4 thoughts on “All Alone in This World”

  1. Oh no! How tragic! I was so looking forward to what Aunt Danielle would do next! R.I.P, Aunt Danielle.
    You write extremely well! Good job! Can’t wait for the next one! God Bless You!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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