All Alone in This World

        Hello! Today I decided to start on my first story on here, called All Alone in This World. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

      It had happened so soon. Too soon. I had never expected in my wildest dreams that my dear aunt would just… be gone. But I didn’t know that it would happen. I didn’t expect it. Because you don’t expect the worst possible things that can happen to you. Ever.

~ ~ 

      I climbed up a tree and wolfed down my apple there. I felt satisfied as I breathed in the warm August air – life wasn’t perfect what with Nicole and her gang, and my recent attack of stomach flu, but that, (except Nicole and her gang) was in the past and I was now healthy with the occasional stomachache. A fretful high voice entered my world of thought and I, caught off guard, nearly jumped out out the tree.

      “Stella! Stella! Stella Abigail Curtis!!” shrieked my tiny Aunt Danielle, trying to run to the tree which I occupied. “Oh Stella! You nearly gave me a heart attack!! Stella, Stella, please darling, climb down!! I simply can’t let you kill yourself like this! It’s too dreadful! Oh Stella!” she wailed.

      Aunt Danielle was my over-dramatic, frail, tiny, beautiful, scared aunt. After my parents had died, eleven years ago when I was two, she had been the only known relative to me and had taken me in. Now I was thriving under Aunt Danielle’s tender care and was strong and sometimes, sometimes a little sassy.

       But I obliging climbed down and headed to the house with Aunt Danielle.

       “I’m a little tired,” yawned Aunt Danielle. “I think I’ll go take a nap. Be good Stella, and don’t do anything dangerous, all right Stella?”

       “All right, Aunt Danielle,” I sighed.

      Aunt Danielle headed upstairs to bed and I amused myself by turning cartwheels and flips in the backyard. When suddenly, I heard a scream and a gunshot.

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