First Post Ever!!

        Hi all! I’m EnniMorgan and I just got added to Author’s Press this morning, and I’m hyped! I have another blog,  a personal blog, that I just started in April! I’m beginning a story on my personal blog on Monday, I’m planning on writing one (maybe) here too, but different. Here’s a short story I wrote as my application for Author’s Press:


         I gazed into the water. I just didn’t know how I was going to make it. I had lost all my family. Not even my aunt was left. The hardest blow? It was all my own fault. My life was destroyed, and I had been the destroyed. I couldn’t escape from that fact no matter how hard I tried. Now I was alone, stuck on this old, deserted island.

      My parents were killed in the 9/11 crash and my sisters had drowned when we were astray on a runaway canoe. My aunt had also been killed trying to rescue us when we drifted away. Now, I was all alone. I had been a disappointment to my family too; they had all been believers, but my ex-friend, Tiffany had convinced that God didn’t exist and that Christians were failures. I was the only unbeliever in my family, because of Tiffany. But now I had doubts about Tiffany’s theory. I felt that there must be Someone controlling this world. I spotted something in the water, it was an old tattered book, but on its cover, it said Holy Bible. I gingerly opened it and began to read, and for the first time in forever, I finally smiled.

Hope you enjoyed! Love,

EnniMorgan (3)

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