Box of Dreams-A Poem

Box of Dreams
By Izzy

I watch as the bird
rises into the air, carrying
its box of dreams
into the sky
but the salty golden potatoes of its longing are heavy
with need
to return to the
and the golden arches of its dream tumble
to the ground

Hey, my lovelies! Sew, what do you think of this poem? In case you couldn’t guess, it’s about a bird that tried to take a box of McDonald’s fries and couldn’t. 😥 Poor bird. Although it’s probably better off without McDonald’s in its digestive system. 😂 Should I post more poems? I probably will, since in two days, it will be National Poetry Month, aka April, aka month of my birth! Yay! Have a great day, darlings! Kisses! 😘

Love from,


P.S. What do you think of my new signature? Inspired by the fantabulous Rachel Vincent, I got Canva and made my own signature. I personally really like it!


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