TPPWC, Prompt #1, Parts 1 & 2

Hello, my lovely friends! Today I have my story for Rachel Vincent’s The Prettiest Pen Writing Contest, Prompt #1. I’m on Team Panda, along with Cupcakegirl10 and Mary Louise. Woot woot! This is gonna be great, guys. Anyway, here’s my story!

Part One

The box. The door. The crumbling brick. It begged me to enter. So I did.

My heart thumped as I traveled deeper within the walls that had seen so much suffering and pain. This was the house where the girl had lived. The girl who was murdered.

I had heard many things about her. Some said her death was an honest mistake, that no one was to blame. I think they were just trying to convince themselves, along with everyone else.

They didn’t.

Some said it was burglars that killed her, searching for gold. But there was two things that everyone believed to be true. She always wore a red dress, the color of blood. She always stayed in a dark room, the color of death.


Part Two

I watched as the girl entered my domain. Didn’t she know what has happened here? Didn’t she know of the tragedy that had occurred?

I narrowed my ethereal eyes upon her being and gasped. She did know! She was curious. She wanted to disturb my last, last belly moments of peace. My last moments before my time between the worlds was ended, and I had to return to the underbelly of the universe. The realm of sinners, murderers, and those who finally get what they deserve.


I could feel rage building within me, turning the edges of my vision into a creeping red. Red as blood. Red as my dress, my favorite dress.

My only dress.

I flew at her, screaming and shouting curses and waving clawed fingernails at her. She wailed and ran past me, shooing me away with her hands. I smirked.

Like that would work.

The second she passed my threshold, her pace slowed.

“I’m not afraid of you!” She called over her shoulder. I could sense the anger within her, but it was clouded with fear. I smiled. She would not bother me again.

“You should be,” I hissed. With that, she walked into the rain and didn’t look back.

That was the last time anyone ever saw her.

I made sure of it.

Ta da! What did you think? BTW, I had the prompts I did in italics. I actually did all of them! Go me! 😉😁 And the reason there’s two different parts is because it switches perspective from the girl to the ghost of the murdered girl in Part Two. Did ya catch that?

I love y’all! Make sure to like and comment below.

Love from,


P.S. Enter TPPWC! Just go here: Have fun!

P.P.S. Go, Team Panda!!! 🐼 ❤️ 

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