Tears and Raindrops, Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Draco

“Mr. Malfoy!” Boomed Slughorn’s reproachful voice. “I would greatly appreciate it if you paid attention.”

“Sorry, sir.” I mumbled, but the second he began to drone on yet again, I slipped back into my delightful fantasy. Except it wasn’t a fantasy. It was a memory. I held the memory of that night close to my chest. The memory our lips melding together, her hands in my hair, my hands caressing her beautiful, beautiful face.

When McCormick and Smith taunted and teased, I met her eyes across the hall and slipped into that euphoria. When I was avoided at all costs, even by my fellow Slytherins, I retreated into that memory. If I closed my eyes, I could almost feel my hand on her smooth cheek, and her sweet taste on my lips, like fresh raspberries.

“Draco?” I jerked out of my happy thoughts at her soft touch on my arm.

“Huh?” I looked around. Everyone had left except her, me, and Slughorn.

“Class is over,” Hermione told me gently before breezing out of the room. I left the room in a daze and stumbled out onto the grounds, collapsing under a beech tree through my lovesick fog.

Lovesick. Was I in love? I brushed the thought off to return to later and stretched out in the gentle May sun to do my homework. As I removed my potions textbook from my bag, I found a small, crisply folded note tucked between the pages. I grinned. Granger must’ve slipped it in while I was daydreaming. I gently unfolded it and read it through.


Meet me tonight at the top of the tallest tower. Come alone. Sorry it’s been so long, but, well, I’ve been busy. See you there!

Love from,


Love from, Hermione. Those three words sent shivers up my back. Love. It was such a foreign concept to me at that point that I wasn’t sure how to react. I’d be there, though. I was sure of that.

“Malfoy! Hey, Malfoy! Whatcha reading?” Smith shouted across the lawn as he and McCormick strode towards me, their grins full of malice. Jeez. What did I have to do to get away from those two? Somehow, I felt that melting into the background wouldn’t help me this time.

“Private,” I muttered, clutching the note to my chest. Wrong thing to say.

“Accio note!” McCormick cried, a vile smirk lighting up his features.

“No-don’t!” I yelled, but it was too late. The two of them put their heads together and read my note in mocking tones as a crowd gathered around us.

“‘Love from, Hermione.’ As in, Hermione Granger?” Smith looked shocked.

“There aren’t any other Hermiones at our school, doofus,” McCormick chided, smacking Smith on the back of the head. “But… Jeez, Malfoy. You and Granger?” He sounded absolutely incredulous. The surrounding crowd swelled with gossip. I didn’t know what to do. All I could think was, Hermione.

They were going to eat her alive.

I really liked writing this one. What do you think will happen next? Make sure to like and comment below!

Love from,


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