Tears and Raindrops, Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Draco

“Hey, Ferret!” A nasal voice called over the crowd. I sighed and kept walking, head down and wand grasped in my clenched fist.

“Geez, Ferret, how rude. McCormick’s talking to you!” I gritted my teeth, and it took all my effort not to curse them right then and there. I held back, though, because I knew all they wanted was a reaction.

Five days ago, Hermione was stabbed. Two days ago, she woke up. Madam Pomfrey released her that morning. There she sat at the Gryffindor table, with Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil’s arms around her, while first years and seventh years alike clamored for attention and autographs from the ever-famous war hero.

“Ferret!” A harsh voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I sighed heavily and took my seat at the corner of the Slytherin table, my butt hanging off the edge of the bench. I was detested by all, understandably. I heard the sound of cracking knuckles from behind me and finally turned, as the inevitable began.

“Good morning, McCormick, Smith,” I stated in a clipped tone, nodding to each of them. They sneered in return.

“We’ve been thinking…” McCormick grunted.

“Well, that’s a first. Congratulations!” I blurted before I could stop myself. There was a low chorus of oohs, and several people laughed. Zacharias Smith actually growled at me. I almost felt bad for the guy. He was in my year, and even though he didn’t miss his seventh year, he had to repeat it, as he failed his N.E.W.T.s.

“You little brat,” he sneered. “We’re going to finally give you what you deserve.” I looked around desperately, but no one was coming to my aid. The teachers-even Headmistress McGonagall!-were turning a blind eye, figuring that I did deserve it. Honestly, I agreed with them.

“You tell ‘im, Smith,” McCormick grinned evilly, drawing his wand.

“Let’s do this.” Smith smirked as I was hit with a flash of blinding, white hot pain. Spots danced in front of my eyes as I yelled in agony, falling hard on the Great Hall’s stone floor. The pain relented momentarily, and I could see people rushing to get a good look at me, as though this was some kind of show for their enjoyment. However, some were beginning to look concerned. I saw Headmistress McGonagall rise, anxious, before a wave of nausea hit me.

“Stop, you jerks!” A voice shouted, loud and clear. I might have been able to place it if I hadn’t been enduring torture at that moment. Then a loud bang ripped through the hall, and the pain lifted as two bodies were blasted away from me. I opened my eyes to see Hermione Granger, wand still raised as she glared at McCormick and Smith.

I didn’t even stop to thank her before running out of the hall. I didn’t know where I was going. I just knew I was going, going, gone.

Yay! Chapter 7 is up! Now I have to write Chapter 8… 😬 Remember to like and comment below!

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