Tears and Raindrops, Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Draco

What’s wrong with you? I asked myself, glancing at Granger out of the corner of my eye. Instead of noticing how obscenely bushy her hair was, like I used to, I noticed how her brown eyes shone in the dim light, and how soft and shapely her lips looked. Stop! I mentally slapped myself across the face.

“Sir, your sandwich is ready!” Kreacher chirped, handing me a delectable sandwich, oozing cheese onto the china plate. Granger wrinkled her nose at it. She looked really cute when she did that. Agh! Another mental slap as I dug into my food.

“How can you eat that?” Granger questioned, revolted. I opened my full mouth to reveal a chunky orange mess. I knew I was being gross, but it was worth it to see her wrinkle her nose again. Stop it, you idiot! If I was really slapping myself, I’d have a multitude of bruises. I regretted it in seconds, though, when Granger stood and brushed her robes off, striding over to the tap to wash her cup. Look what you’ve done! Euch. You’re such an idiot, Draco. I wolfed down the rest of my sandwich, swallowed my last bites, and rushed to join her at the sink.

“Sir, madam, you needs not be doing that. Kreacher can do it, sir and madam.” Kreacher bustled over to us with a pleading look on his face. Granger shook her head stubbornly, and I had a feeling this wasn’t the first time Granger had insistently done Kreacher’s work for him.

“No, Kreacher, we’re quite all right. Why don’t you get some sleep?” Granger shooed him away, despite his many protests. After a few minutes of carefully worded assurances, we were alone in the kitchens. Awkward, I thought.

“Do you want to go for a walk, Granger?” I asked tentatively after a few moments of painful silence. Granger gave me a strange look, and my heart plummeted. Then she nodded.

“Um, sure,” she responded grudgingly. After rendering ourselves invisible, we snuck out of the castle and onto the grounds, where we became visible once more.

“So…” I trailed off awkwardly.

“Um, how’s school?” Granger asked nervously, fiddling with one of the many tiny braids in her bushy mane.

“Fine.” I replied shortly.

“Are you sure?” She asked, concerned.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I snapped, some of my old harshness coming back. Granger’s mouth formed a small “o” of surprise, and I instantly felt guilty. “It’s just… it’s been a hard year.” Even though I hadn’t said much, Granger seemed to understand how things had been. I didn’t get how she could do that; how she could just know with a single look. She really was a wonder. I clenched my fists, digging my fingernails into my palms. Another mental slap.

“Are you okay?” Her warm brown eyes were filled with worry. For me. I merely grunted in response, and Granger decided to let it drop. We strode briskly past the Forbidden Forest, and all of a sudden, Granger stopped dead. I almost ran into her, and blushed furiously when her hand brushed mine. Good thing it was dark.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, for she was squinting into the darkness, her face full of fear. All of a sudden, I heard it too. Footsteps, thumping through the darkness towards us. I could feel the fear rippling off Granger as she grabbed my hand in desperation. My fingers tingled.

“Who’s there?” She called out bravely. No response. Then a figure emerged from the shadows, a dagger glistening in their hand.

“Rodolphus Lestrange,” I breathed. One of the few Death Eaters who had escaped after the Second War, he rolled his eyes at me and turned to Granger, his intent clear. My eyes widened and I reached for my wand. That’s when I realized-I had left it in the kitchens! I tried to shove Rodolphus away from her, but he grabbed me by the ankle and flipped me onto my back.

Before I could even get up, he stabbed Granger right on the shoulder, then again in the calf, then last right in the stomach. She screamed and screamed, a sound that shattered my heart and my sanity, and I was reminded of when she was tortured at my own house. That was the main reason I had come back to Hogwarts-to get away from those heart aching memories.

Granger fell to the ground beside me, and in a flash of ingenuity, I grabbed her wand and stunned Rodolphus. Then I rose to my feet and gathered Granger in my arms. She was barely breathing. I staggered through the darkness towards Hagrid’s hut, yelling desperately.

“Help! Hermione Granger… stabbed… Lestrange… help!” I called out, well aware ,that Granger’s blood was dripping onto my robes. Finally, finally, I reached light. I didn’t care who it was, as long as they could help us.

As long as they could save her.

Sew, that was Chapter 5! Total cliffhanger, right? I am sew very evil. 😈 Chapter 6 coming soon. Make sure to like and comment below!

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      1. Yeah, I’m kind of on the fence about Drarry. It definitely has some good fanfics, but every ship has at least some. It just seems so implausible to me.



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      2. I swear, we’re, like, brain twins! What number am I thinking if between one and ten?



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      3. 9, lol. 😂

        We can work on our telepathy when I’m not supposed to be doing homework. 😄😬 Bye!



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