Tear and Raindrops, Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Hermione

I didn’t think about his sparkling gray eyes, filled with sympathy for my plight. I didn’t think about the kind words spilling forth from his mouth after years of hatred. I didn’t think of my head on his shoulder, and his arm around me. No, I didn’t think of those things, because I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.

“Earth to Hermione!” Lavender giggled as applied the massive amounts of makeup required every day to hide the scars given to her by Greyback.

“Somebody’s got her head in the clouds,” Parvati smirked as she plaited her long, silky hair.

“Just thinking about… someone,” I mumbled absentmindedly, finger combing my dark, bushy curls. Lavender and Parvati stared at me, then glanced each other and squealed.

“Hermione’s got a cru-ush!” They sang, giggling while I blushed furiously.

“I do not!” I snapped back, cheeks flaming. My hair grew ever more voluminous-it was as if it could sense my discomfort.

“Good for you. You need to stop mooning over that dummy and move on!” Lavender ignored my statement as she enthusiastically demeaned both of our ex-boyfriend. Parvati cheered along. I shook my head at them, feeling tears gathering in the back of my eyes as I began to speak.

“Stop. Please,” I whispered gently, tears already streaming down my cheeks. I was always crying lately. Too much crying. Lavender and Parvati’s smiles faded as they rushed to comfort me.

“Sorry, Hermione,” Lavender murmured into my ear. Parvati nodded in agreement.

“We’re really sorry,” Parvati agreed. Finally, after a few minutes of complying and crying, I shoved them off.

“Don’t bother with me anymore.” I forced out a weak laugh. “Go get ready for your date in Hogsmeade.” Still, even as I made little shooing motions with my hands, the girlfriends lingered, looking anxious. I parted my lips to reveal an unconvincing smile. “Go on!” I shoved them away from me and climbed into bed. Despite the fact that it was barely past noon, I was exhausted. The last thing I saw before I fell asleep was my two friends, heading out the door with their hands clasped.


I woke to midnight moonlight soft on my face. I checked my magical calendar and realized I had slept through Friday. It was Saturday night now. I rose and slid open my bedside curtains, and my eyes fell upon Parvati and Lavender, cuddling in Parvati’s bed and breathing in tune with each other. I grinned down at their sleeping forms. Their date on Friday must have gone well. I slid out of bed and grabbed my wand from the bedside table, then smoothed my rumpled robes. Slipping off my shoes, I tossed them into my bed, where they bounced helplessly for a few seconds before I silenced them. I strode past the cuddling couple, Fay, and Lydia. I didn’t know where I was going. I just knew that I was going, going, gone. 

Padding through the dark halls of Hogwarts in socks the exact color of Malfoy’s eyes, I blended into my surroundings. Disillusionment Charms had been very useful as of late. I crept on until I reached a large painting, depicting a bowl of fruit. After a minute’s hesitation, I made myself visible again. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I reached out and tickled a large green pear. It let out a hearty chuckle and turned into a round green doorknob, which I turned, stepping into the kitchens.

Inhaling the rich scent of stew, left over from what I presume was tonight’s dinner, melancholy overwhelmed me as Dobby’s smiling face filled my mind. I shook it off and turned to the only house elf still awake, a frail male with copious amounts of ear and nose hair. I smiled down at him.

“Hello, Kreacher,” I grinned. “May I have some hot chocolate, please?” Kreacher’s lips spread in a toothless expression of joy.

“Of course, miss!” He cried, bustling about as he made my cocoa. I collapsed on a bench in the corner and put my head in my hands. It took all my strength not to start crying. Again. Suddenly, the door swung open as a familiar voice called out,

“Kreacher! A grilled cheese, please!” Draco Malfoy called from where he stood. Then his sparkling slate eyes fell on me, huddled in the corner like a vagrant. He laughed audibly, and I glared at him.

“Shh! You’ll give us away!” I hushed him. He continued to laugh raucously, but he pushed the door closed behind me.

“Miss! Your cocoa!” Kreacher puffed, zooming my cocoa over to me in a flurry, then hurrying to make Malfoy’s sandwich. Malfoy calmed down and came to sit beside me, resting his hand close to time. I could hear the energy crackling between our skin. I felt a sudden urge to move my hand to touch his, but suppressed it. I daintily sipped my hot chocolate and gave him a look.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, still slightly suspicious. Malfoy laughed again, a short bark that reminded me of Sirius. I fought down that grief as well.

“Same as you. Getting away and getting food,” Malfoy shrugged. This was enough to satisfy me, and I gave him a small smile. Malfoy hesitated for a fraction of a second, then returned it with an all out grin. Then he began to giggle. I just looked at him.

“What’s so funny?” I asked. He reached over and wiped a hot chocolate mustache off my upper lip. He was so close that I could feel his breath on my face. Electricity crackled where his skin met mine. We both sat there, inches apart, just staring at each other, until a shock passed over Malfoy’s face and he scooted away. I sighed. I couldn’t tell if it was with relief or disappointment. All I knew was that I felt like crying.


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12 thoughts on “Tear and Raindrops, Chapter 4”

      1. I can’t wait!
        I recommended it to my friends and they honestly think I am the weirdest!
        But one of them doesn’t mind that much and ships Luna and Harry!

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    1. Yeah, no kidding! I always thought Drarry was THE weirdest thing, until I read some great fanfics. Now I’m kind of on the fence about it. Glad you like it!



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