War was at our door. The scream of the bombs filled the air, as the Nazis were upon us. The sky was pitch black, and hints of red started to fill the sky, and smoke clouding the horizon. Grandmother and Grandfather stared out the window, and mother sat there ice cold, thinking about her “foolish family” who was in the middle of it. Father was out there somewhere, and my brother missing. And all I could do was sit in a ball, on the ice cold stone floor, thinking about how they took my brother away, my father to war, my mother never to be the same again, and my little baby sister’s life. I fought the memories out of my head, but hot tears streamed down my face. I wanted father’s gentle touch, my brother’s caring hands, and my sister’s gentle laugh. But what I really wanted was hope. Hope to once again find all that was lost, hope to survive, hope that things would turn out alright. But all I kept wondering was, would my life ever be the same after this? And worse, would I even survive at all?

So this is just a small excerpt from my “in progress” book entitled Hope. Hope you enjoyed!


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